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Translation Studies


Translation Studies


Bachelor of Linguistics

Program length

4 years





Program description

Translation Studies program aims at training highly qualified written translators and consecutive interpreters with skills of simultaneous interpretation as well as providing students with sufficient English-language input and develop their skills in the following areas:machine translation, audio-visual translation and translation of literary and official texts, etc. Furthermore, the students will be equipped with research skills and will be able to conduct researches in the language studies for their course papers, diploma papers and will be prepared for doing and MA in translation or linguistics. The students have a chance to obtain real-life experience by completing their internships at different translation agencies. 

Learning outcomes

  • conducting pre-translational analysis of the translated text by using different local and foreign translation theories
  • translating texts of various genres using translation transformations in written and oral form
  • analyzing the usage of translation transformations and other techniques in translations of different professional translators 
  • apply translation theories by Komissarov, Barkhudarov, Vinogradov, Nida, Newmark and others in interpretation and written translation
  • completing a final graduation project under the supervision of the academic adviser and defend it in front of the committee. 

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Modern History of Kazakhstan 
Major Foreign Language: English 1 (B1)
Listening and Speaking
Extensive reading
General Turkish-1 (A1)
General Turkish-2 (A1)

Semester 2

Major Foreign Language: English 2 (B1)
Political Science
Extensive reading 2
Expository Writing
Professional Turkish-3 (A2)
Professional Turkish-4 (A2)

Semester 3

Kazakh/Russian 1
Cultural Studies
Major Foreign Language in Intercultural Communication Contexts-1
Second Foreign Language 1
Theory of Translation
Introduction to Linguistics / Academic Writing
Physical Education-1
Practicum (Orientation)

Semester 4

Kazakh/Russian 2
Major Foreign Language in Intercultural Communication Contexts-2
Survey of Applied Linguistics
Second Foreign Language 2
Practice of Written Translation
Physical Education-2

Semester 5

Social Studies
Audio-Visual Translation
Practice of Literary Translation
Phraseological and terminological corpus of English language
Second Foreign Language 3
Public Speaking

Semester 6

Academic writing
Practice of Oral Translation
Techniques of Financial and Official Texts Translation
Second Foreign Language 4
Professional Practicum

Semester 7

Physical Education-3
Physical Education-4
Introduction to Research in Applied Linguistics
Syntactic and Stylistic analysis
Consecutive Interpreting 1
Second Forign Language 5
Sight Translation
English for Academic Purposes (C2)

Semester 8

Diploma defense 
Research Practicum (Diploma) 
Professional Practicum
Second FL 6
Consecutive Interpreting 2


The graduates of the program are employed in the leading international and local companies as Tengizshevroil, Air Astana, DCT Engineering And Natural Sciences” LLP, SmArt.Point, CES for you, Gala Translations, NURORDA, BT Services, King’s School of Almaty, “Altyn Uya” intellectual & educational center, Irina Kravchenko Coaching center etc. 


Madina Ashirimbetova




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