Law & Social Sciences


Private Law


Master of Law Sciences

Program length

2 years




Program description

The main purpose of the OP “Private law” is to prepare masters with innovative thinking, owning advanced technologies of modern legal science, able to integrate in the conditions of world cooperation in the field of law, politics, production and business and to solve socially significant tasks of the legal service market.The specialization in private law, an intensive study foreign languages and practice oriented approach form competencies to address the main professional task. OP is focused on professional social order through the formation of special (General and special) competences related to necessary types of educational and practical activities, adjusted to meet the requirements of employers.

Learning outcomes

  • receiving, analyzing and processing the necessary information; making conclusions and generalizations; finding the best ways to solve problems and making decisions solutions related to the implementation of tasks in the professional activities; supporting public discussion on the legal thematic; 

  • carrying out competent document management; prepare various legal documents; analyzing and solving legal problems in the sphere of private law relations;

  • developing intelligence, moral, ethical, communication, organizational and management skills and forms a competent specialist

  • using normative legal acts in professional activities; preparing expert legal opinions; understanding the introduced legislation innovations; logically correctly expressing and justifying own point of view; using computer and other innovative technologies;

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Psychology of Management
Theory and practice of application of law
Scientific Research Work 1
“Mergers and Acquisitions” Transactions: Legal Aspects
Copyright in the digital age
History and Philosophy of Science

Semester 2

Higher School Pedagogy
Legal consulting and organization of legal business
Pedagogical practice
Scientific Research Work 2
Actual problems of corporate law
Securities and money as an object of civil law
Foreign Language (professional)

Semester 3

Actual problems of the law of obligations
Scientific Research Work 3
Tax regulation of organizations and activities of the corporation
Modern problems of banking law
Actual problems of international commercial arbitration
Questions of civil law in the judicial practice

Semester 4

Scientific Research Work 4
Research practice
Registration and defense of masters degree dissertation


Corporate lawyers, State offices, Lawyers, Courts, Legal advisers, Law enforcement body, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Teaching Academicians etc

Program Coordinator

Aidyn Amankozhayev



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