Business School




Bachelor of Business & Management

Program length

4 years



Program description

Core courses provide ground you in the fundamentals of business and general management. From microeconomics and data analytics, to management accounting and strategy, you will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding, together with a broad business overview, to drive and sustain a career promotion, in whichever sector you pursue. Gain a global perspective on the operations of business. Focus your learning on the international dimensions of strategy and apply a framework for formulating successful strategies in an increasingly complex environment

Learning outcomes

• Being able to apply theory to practice in today’s international business environment

• Being aware of how to develop critical competencies in three key areas: interpersonal, numerical and digital literacy. From online branding to negotiating, from advanced Microsoft Excel to modelling and programming, they build business-ready skills to get the opinion running and deliver immediate impact wherever their career takes them.

• Being able to take a responsible and conscientious attitude to their own work and study.

• Understanding of principled and skilled values required by CIMA program.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1 


Semester 2

Brand Management
Business Organization
Production Management
Brand Management

Semesters 3-5

Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Organizational Behavior

Semesters 6-8

Sales Management
Data Analysis in Business and Economics
Logistics and Transportation Management
Business Ethics
Social Responsibility


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Program Coordinator

MSc. Yerzhan Syzdykov



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