Business School




Bachelor of Business & Management

Program length

4 years



Program description

Finance program is directed to prepare future professionals in finance in terms of needed knowledge and skills to successfully kick-start their career within top-notch financial organizations, including MNCs, in  Kazakhstan. This program is recognized under the ACCA and CIMA programs.

Learning outcomes

• Discussing and analyzing finance in its broad context and its interrelations with other economic activities, including the modern framework of operations and functions of markets and financial institutions.

• Performing accounting and auditing tasks; including design of an accounting system, choice of accounting policies, compliance with IFRS.

• Understanding and interpreting financial data with due diligence from sources like companies’ financial statements, securities’ markets data, and ability to integrate these interpretations into forecasting of future events and conditions to subsequently prepare due diligence, equity research, stock pitches and other reports.

• Acting as a trader and/or investor, including understanding of professional trading platforms and information providers’ platforms in order to execute educated investment decisions

• Creating efficient investment portfolios using multiple theories and investment approaches with subsequent rebalancing and re-optimization of those portfolios.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Principles of Economics

Semester 2

Mathematics for Economics

Semester 3


Semester 4

Financial Accounting

Semester 5

Fundamentals of Financial Management
Applied Econometrics
Portfolio Management
Cost Accounting
Audit and Assurance

Semester 6

Managerial Accounting
Corporate Finance
Financial Modelling
Accounting According to IFRS

Semester 7

Financial Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Fixed Income Securities
Data Analysis in Business and Economics
Derivatives and Alternative Investments
Ethical and Professional Standards


Our students are well renowned among most MNCs
working in financial services as well as largest
domestic corporations. Our employers include top
audit and consulting companies, investment and
commercial banks (including their treasury and risk
management departments), private equity managing
companies, and others.

Program Coordinator

MSc. Ilyas Imachikov



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