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PhD in Management


PhD in Management

Program length

3 years



Program description

The program allows to purchase competences of area of a scientific and management activity in the conditions of fixed updating of knowledge and upgrade of society, directed by fundamental and applied tasks of managerial researches, the qualified and creative analysis of modern problems of economy and management, in the organization and carrying out own and joint scientific projects, statement of actual tasks and expansion of borders of scientific researches on management problems, in understanding of the principles of creation and enhancement of educational programs in the field of management, in economic, social, legal and communication aspects of business and management.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognizing and accept the social responsibility of science and education;
  • Having skills systemic understanding of the field of study and demonstrate the high-quality and effectiveness of selected research methods, leadership management and leadership team;
  • Being competent in the field of scientific and pedagogical activity in the conditions of rapid renewal and growth of information flows;
  • Being competent in matters of interpersonal communication and human resource management, high school preparation of experts for examination of research projects and studies, to ensure continuous professional growth;
  • Demonstrating the ability to describe the economic processes and phenomena, construction of standard theoretical models and econometric analysis and meaningful interpretation of the results.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1 

Strategic Management

Semester 2 

Pedagogical practice in Higher

Semesters 3-6

Implementation of the doctoral thesis
The research work of doctoral student


Graduates of doctoral studies in the direction of Management as objects of professional activity can choose higher educational institutions (universities), the organizations and the entities of all patterns of ownership and industries of a national economy, bodies of the public and local authority, the research and experimental and  consulting organizations, information and analysis centers, the domestic and international project organizations.

Program Coordinator

MSc. Dinara Sarsenova



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