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Information systems


Information systems


Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies

Program length

4 years




English Language (B2 or IELTS 5.5)

Program description

Information Systems programme prepares students to work in computer science fields, such as system administrators, software developers, DevOps specialists, network engineers, cybersecurity specialists, IT managers, project managers, business analytics, data scientists, UX/UI designers, 3D animators and game developers, and others. Students of the program are expected to have good math and logical background. The program partially consists of modules that are adopted from ACM IS curriculum guideline and world-wide leading universities in the field of Information Systems, also program provides ability for students to get industrial IT certifications like, CCENT, CCNA, MCSA, Red Hat Linux, Autodesk and others.

Learning outcomes

  • Having an opportunity to be employed in local and international IT companies, by successfully passing Beta-Career program.
  • Showing labor market competitiveness by getting industrial IT certifications like CCENT, CCNA, MCSA, Red Hat Linux, Autodesk and others.
  • Demonstrating skills of software and web developing by using knowledge of programming, algorithms and database management systems.
  • Demonstrating effective self-study skills in a student-centered learning environment by passing courses which emphasizes different learning methodologies including flipped classroom and blended learning. 
  • Arranging future study of master degree in computer science field
  • Develop and troubleshoot network topologies, security policies, and IT infrastructure by successfully completing courses of Computer networks, System administration and Cybersecurity courses. 
  • Demonstrating knowledge and skills in developing and supporting complex Information Systems. 
  • Demonstrating hard skills in computer science and soft skills in communication with future colleagues. 
  • Demonstrating ability to work in team and manage it with leadership skills. 

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Compulsory courses:
English Language 1-2
Programming Fundamentals
Calculus 1-2
Linear Algebra
Physics 1
Turkish 1-4
Physical education
Advanced Programming
Discrete mathematics
Kazakh/Russian language
Introduction to Algorithms
Database Management Systems 1-2
Computer networks
Web programming – front end
Modern history of Kazakhstan
Web programming – back end
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
General elective
Module of Social and Political knowledge 1-2
Internship 1-2 
Information Security
Research methods and tools
Diploma project
Industrial practice
Diploma preparation

Elective courses:
Computer Networks 2
MCSA: Windows Server 2016
Linux Server Administration
Optical Networks
Wireless Networks
Data Storage Systems
Enterprise Architecture
Computer Networks Security
Fundamentals of DevOps
Implementation of IoT solutions
Human Computer Interaction
Software Engineering
Back End programming
Testing computer software
Development of ERP/CRM systems
UX/UI Design
Data analysis
Introduction to Machine Learning
Fundamentals of IT Management
Project Management
Business process design and management
Business analytics
Effective Communication Skills
Enterprise Architecture
Public Speaking
Digital Marketing
Introduction to Design
Computer Modelling
3D Modelling
3D Animation and visual effects
Unity Programming
Gamification Fundamentals
Game Developm


Graduates of this specialty can be employed

  • at the enterprises of various industries;
  • in companies and enterprises which provide technical support and service of computer and microprocessor technology:
  • in companies engaged in information and telecommunication systems;
  • in companies that develop software, applications for mobile operating systems or develop games.

After finishing this specialty, student can work as any expert in IT, whether it is a programmer or a project manager.

Student can work in a large IT companies of Silicon Valley like Google, Facebook, Microsoft or start their startup.

Program Coordinator

 MSc. Darmen Kariboz




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