Automation department

Automation department

Automation Department is a department in Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) responsible for developing and maintaining all automation systems in the university. Being established in September 2016 the department’s goals are analysis and automation of all academic and administrative business processes. Currently Automation Department is engaged in the development and support of internal automation system of educational process (portal) and document management and workflow system (DMS).

Automation department services

Analysis of business processes and workflow

Design and implementation of analyzed processes using internal document management system

Software development for academic and administrative business processes

Support and maintenance of internal automation systems

Organizing small conferences and workshops on systems usage

Working with feedback

DMS (Document Management System) is used to fill and control academic (EMC, Science Department, Student Service Center and etc.) and administrative (Human Resources, Accounting and etc.) documents and processes. The system was first launched on June 1, 2017 from Bimser in SDU. Currently, more than 50 processes have been modified and implemented.



  • makes calendar work plans for modelling, analysis and optimization of business processes;
  • consults employees;
  • makes  proposals for upgrading and updating software and adding new features to existing processes;
  • prepares new business analysts and IT concepts
  • models new business processes and developments, through the following steps:
  1. Meeting with the customer and developing the concept / fully analyzing the process 
  2. Discussing the process with the commission
  3. Developing the process in test mode and testing it, then presenting the process to the customer and making improvements if necessary
  4. Presenting final version of the process to the customer, transferring it to the production server and testing it for production
  5. Preparing reference materials and launching the product


Portal – University Automated Platforms for Users. The system was first launched on March 1, 2015. 


  • HR-module;
  • SR-module;
  • Accounting module;
  • SIS;
  • Web applications, etc. 

Currently, 67 reports have been implemented to monitor.

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