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Our club is engaged in increasing legal literacy.  We solve legal cases and put them into practice.Generally, humanity is a gamble for righteousness, which is a blessing to its creatures.  Righteousness is the heights of humanity! Goodbye! And my club teaches you to defend your rights in the same way of justice. Protect your rights and achieve your goal!

Vision is the largest club in sdu which has been around for 20 years, our club is aimed at the all-round development of the girl as a person, strengthening in the social sphere, development of creativity and innovation.

 Vision consists of 5 departments:

  • Cooking
  • Mercy (Charity)
  • Handmade (Needlework)
  • Education (Intellectual development)
  • Marvel (Event Organization)

 who are engaged in training, and improving the skills that a girl should possess.


Generally, The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the largest humanitarian network in the world. It is present in every country and supported by millions of volunteers. Fortunately, our university has its own independent club named  as Red Crescent. The main aim of our club is to teach other students to give first aid.  

People often don’t consider the importance of basic first aid education. Due to our lessons Students are more likely to to take immediate action in an emergency situation. By being able to provide basic care you can stabilize a patient until emergency medical services arrives. . Knowledge of first aid promotes the sense of safety and well being amongst people. Having an awareness and desire to be accident free keeps you more safe and reduces the number of causalities and accidents. Our mission is to protect the lives, dignity of victims  and to give the support that is needed. Students have the best chance to gain a knowledge and indispensable skills!

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