Quality Assurance

SDU . department

Quality Assurance department at SDU is set to evaluate and promote the quality of educational process. SDU quality assurance procedures include improving quality of teaching and learning, monitoring academic activity, analysing and evaluating stakeholders’ feedback and assuring quality and standards of educational process. 

Quality Assurance Department is responsible for: 

  • Maintaining quality assurance system that meets national and international standards
  • Improving SDU business processes and learning opportunities for students
  • External and Internal examining for compliance with national and international standards
  • Monitoring, assessing, evaluating and analyzing the quality of academic experience and management service
  • Assessing students’ and staff satisfaction

Quality Code

Applying an effective quality assurance system designed to spread and enhance quality culture throughout teaching, learning and extracurricular activities, research and community services.

Strategic Plan

Apply to the activities of the Quality Assurance department (hereafter – The Department) at Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) and set out the structure, functions, responsibilities, and the framework of the Department’s collaboration with other departments. The Department has responsibility for enhancing quality of the student experience at SDU. The Department is accountable to the Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs.

Establishing, reorganization, closing of the Department and its activity are authorized by the Rector’s order. The Department activity is regulated by the basic organizational and legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK): regulations, instructions and rules mandatory for higher education organizations and is carried out in accordance with the annual plan of the department.

The Department is responsible for improving the quality of teaching, initial and continuous professional development of the staff, quality management system (QMS), monitoring and supervising the use of academic credit framework, evaluating learning outcomes and quality of their assessment, supervising the process of standardization and certification of educational process.

The main functions of the Quality Assurance Department are:

  • Developing and maintaining Quality management system (criteria, procedures and mechanisms) and quality assurance practices in SDU;
  • Developing the strategy for improving quality assurance system in SDU (including promoting academic quality culture through raising awareness among students and staff and necessary training, and regulations on regulatory and procedural changes);
  • Developing (assisting in development) regulations, policies and guidance documents for all the departments and students in SDU and providing administrative support for quality insurance at all levels of the University;
  • Developing policies and guidelines on teaching evaluation, program evaluation and students learning outcomes assessment;
  • Increasing teaching excellence through teacher development activities;
  • Developing policies, procedures and mechanisms for internal quality assurance and evaluation;
  • Developing policies, procedures and mechanisms for external quality assurance and evaluation;
  • Evaluating satisfaction levels of students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders;
  • Collaborating with management and departments of the University.

Management process:

  • Assessment of stakeholders’ satisfaction 
  • Evaluating of staff competency 
  • Training

Academic process:

  • Evaluating quality of admissions procedure
  • Evaluating students’ academic achievement
  • External evaluation of students academic achievements
  • Ensuring that qualifications awarded to students meet sector recognized standards


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