Collections management department is responsible for developing and managing the collections of the Library and the following:

  • ensuring acquisition of new materials at the request of departments and other structural units of the university;
  • keeping records of all the materials coming in and out of the library;
  • managing the collection;
  • cataloguing and catalogue management;
  • technical support;
  • informing on new arrivals.

Center of e-resources

  • Provides all users with free access to different kinds of information using traditional forms and methods of library-bibliographic and information services, as well as innovative information tools and technologies.
  • Serves users in the computer zone of the reading room, designed to work with the collection of e-resources, digital information (electronic catalog, bibliographic and full-text databases), as well as Internet resources.

The center of electronic resources suggests:

  • high-quality library-bibliographic as well as information services for users, with the effective use of innovative computer technologies and office equipment;
  •  developing skills related to effective use of various sources of information;

Library Service department (loan, reading room) suggests:

  • full and efficient library and bibliographic service to users in accordance with their information requests;
  • organizing book exhibitions and cultural events.


  • re-registers all categories of users. Here you can find different materials in Kazakh, Russian and other languages. You can borrow the materials in accordance with the Rules of Library use.

Reading room 

  • gives access to different materials in Kazakh, Russian and other languages. In the reading room materials are issued in accordance with the Rules of Library use.




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