International students

Students may apply to academic programs at SDU at any time during the year.

However, applicants should pay attention to the deadlines established by the Admission office for the specific semesters.

Applicants should send all their enquiries about the application process to the Admission office.

Application package for high school graduates should include:

  • Application form (online)
  • Copy of passport or State ID
  • Photo in JPEG format
  • High school diploma (authentic copy)
  • Medical documents
  • If available: Valid results of International English Proficiency Tests (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Exam, etc.)
  • Applicants may include any other documents, which they consider relevant, such as copies of national and international certificates, awards, and honors received within no later than 3 years before the application date.

Note: According to the state law of Kazakhstan, documents submitted in foreign languages must include a certified translation into the Kazakh or Russian language. In some cases, the Admissions Office may request additional documents, for instance: a license of the education institution which issued the diploma; confirmation of attestation and accreditation; confirmation of degree, specialization and diploma.

Incomplete applications may result in a delay to the admission procedure and the subsequent decision on the acceptance or rejection of the application.
Submitting knowingly false or misleading information will result in the University rejecting the application. In such cases, with respect to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Admissions Office has the right to transfer the application for further consideration by law enforcement bodies.


  1. Completed secondary education – Attestation (diploma) indicating completion of a high school or professional vocational school program (authentic copy).
  2. Language Certificate
  3. Online interview
The Republic of Kazakhstan is a signatory to the Lisbon Recognition Convention which guides the recognition of qualifications from countries other than Kazakhstan for students who wish to study here. For more information about the Lisbon Recognition Convention, please click here.

SDU actively welcomes students from all parts of the world. Holders of foreign certificates and diplomas wishing to student at SDU must pass a nostrification/recognition procedure during their first semester of study at SDU: this is required under Article 39 of the Law on Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated 27 July 2007.

SDU provides advice and support to students on the nostrification and recognition procedure. However, the University does not guarantee recognition or nostrification, and bears no responsibility if the Center of Bologna Process & Academic Mobility decides not to grant the certificate of nostrification/recognition to a particular student.

Step 1:

Bring the following document(s) from your home country:

  • apostilled or legalized original diploma and its supplement/transcript
  • if the surname has been changed, the document which confirms this

*According to the Minsk Convention as of August 22, 1993, academic credentials received in CIS countries (with the exception of Georgian) are not apostilled nor legalized.

Step 2:

Translate into Russian or Kazakh and notarize the following documents through local notary services:

  • apostilled or legalized original diploma and its supplement/transcript
  • passport copy (two copies for foreign students)
  • if the surname has been changed, the document which confirms this

Step 3:

  • Pay for the nostrification/ recognition procedure
  • Nostrification/ recognition of the higher and postgraduate higher education = 10 MCI*
  • Nostrification/ recognition of technical and professional education = 8 MCI*
  • Nostrification/ recognition of the main secondary and general secondary education = 6 MCI*

RTN 62020025636
BIN 050640004360
IIC KZ236010111000227192
AO Halyk Bank
Kbe 16

Step 4:

Receive Individual Identification Number in Public Service Center (for foreign students only):

Before submitting documents for nostrification/recognition procedure international students need to get an Individual Identification Number. To do this students need to submit notarized translation of their passports to the Public Service Center.

Step 5:

Submit all required documents to the Public Service Center:

  • Notarized translation of diploma and its supplement/ transcript into Kazakh or Russian
  • Notarized translation of student’s passport into Kazakh or Russian
  • in case a surname was changed, the confirming document should be included
  • Receipt about payment
  • Filled-in application form for submission of documents
  • Plastic binder for filing the documents

Step 6:

Get the confirmation document on submitting nostrification package to the Public Service and submit it to SDU Admissions Office.

Step 7:

Get the result of diploma nostrification/ recognition procedure from the Public Service Center (3 months at the longest) and submit it to SDU Admissions Office.

The Procedure for Registration of IIN for a Foreigner Arriving to Study at the SDU

  1. Contact the Student Service Center of the SDU (student department) to obtain a certificate of confirmation of studies at the university (for reference samples,see the bulletin board).
  2. You need to contact a notary in order to translate the original passport and notarize it (the notary’s address in Kaskelen: Karasay Batyr street No. 2 (former Pushkin), next to the white mosque; phone numbers: +7 727 371 47 29; +7 747830 16 87; +7 778 974 56 86).
  1. In the tax department of the Karasai district in the city of Kaskelen, forms are filled out by the officers of the department and are handed over to the necessary window of the tax department (address of the tax department in Kaskelen: 54A Taulesizdik street, near the central market; phone numbers: 8 (72771) 2 17 55 ,2 15 31).

NOTE: KASKELEN CITY HAS A TAXI FOR A CALL THAT WILL ACCESS YOU TO THE REQUESTED PLACE (the service is available only in Kazakh and Russian), phone number: +7 701 232 00 88.

Handbook for International Students

Academic mobility for students

Policies for organization of incoming exchange academic mobility program:

  1. The exchange student will be nominated by one institution and subject to acceptance by the other institution. Each exchange student will meet and satisfy the admission procedures of the faculty to which she/he applies, as well as the prerequisite for specific courses or programs
  2. The number of exchange students is limited only by mutual agreement of partners.
  3. Applicants for exchange programs should meet the following general criteria:
    • Be a regular student at the home university
    • Have GPA of 2.75 and above
    • Have a solid command of English (equivalent to IELTS 6.0). If the language of study at home university is English, a letter from the international office/faculty from the home institution is enough
  1. Each student participating in the exchange program follows his/her home university exchange program policy and rules, is waived from tuition fee, admission fee, registration fee at the host university and will be held responsible for the following costs:
    • Medical insurance and treatment
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation and meal
    • Visa
    • Course material
    • Student activity fee (if otherwise not stipulated in the agreement)
    • All other costs which may arise during the stay in the host country
  1. Exchange students should be a full time students
  2. Exchange students prepare in advance their study plan by filling in the Learning Agreement
  3. Exchange students are subject to all rules and regulations of the host institution and country
  4. Host institution will issues a transcript of grades for exchange students for free and send it to the home institution in a timely manner.


A student should be nominated to study at SDU by a partner university. A representative of a partner university should send the following documents:

– Scanned copy of student’s passport
– Color photo (passport size)
– Scanned copy of the official transcript (original copy should be brought in person)
– Dorm request form, where required
– Language proficiency evidence (i.e.: letter from university, or certification equivalent to IELTS 6.0)

By the end of April, complete the application for an exchange visit in the Fall semester, and by the end of October for an exchange visit in the Spring semester.

Before arrival:

Obtain an Admission Letter from the International Relations Office at SDU. Also, provide the following documents if a visa is required:

– Passport scanned copy
– Evidence of home address
– City where visa will be applied for

A student should be nominated by partner university.

Representative of a partner university should send the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of your passport;
  • Color photo (passport size);
  • Scanned copy of your official transcript (bring original with you);
  • Dorm request
  • Language proficiency (Letter from university/equivalent to IELTS 6.0).

By the end of April complete the application for exchange in Fall semester, and by the end of October for exchange in Spring semester.

Before arrival procedures:

Receive from the International Relations  Office an Admission letter

Provide the following documents if you are required VISA

    • Passport scanned copy
    • Home address in you country
    • City, where you will be applying for a VISA

Receive an Invitation Letter with a number and apply for visa from home country;


SDU guarantees a place in the dormitory for exchange students coming from partner universities, if it is so stipulated in the agreement between both institutions.


After Arrival Procedures:


Visit Coordinator for incoming mobility who gives you the required documents and to whom you submit original certificates from your country.

Prepare and Submit the following documents to Visa coordinator:

  • copy of passport;
  • Migration card;
  • 2 passport size photo;
  • Residence address

Get username and password for login to the computers on campus and Wi-Fi from Coordinator for incoming students;

Get Entry Card and Student library Card submitting

  • Copy of passport
  • 3*4 size photo

Attend orientation session (See Calendar of events)

During Add/drop period you may withdraw from/add new courses

FAQ incoming exchange students

You have to be nominated by your home university. The home institution should send an email to the International Relations Office through before the deadline announced for every academic term.

Please see Academic Exchange Student Application

After you finalize approval of your learning agreement which is intended course plan at SDU, we highly recommend you to email soft copy of your application documents to And mail all original documents including approved Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records by post.

To the following address:
1/1 Abylaikhan St., Kaskelen City
Almaty Region, 040900
Republic of Kazakhstan
International Relations office

Learning Agreement has to be first approved, signed and stamped by your departmental and institutional coordinators at your home institution. Original documents must be sent to International Relations Office.

In most departments Suleyman Demirel University has two parallel programs in where medium of instruction is totally in English and totally in Kazakh. All Academic Exchange Students have to provide a proof of sufficient language proficiency r in English in accordance with the medium of instruction of desired programs.

No. SDU does not provide financial aid for incoming exchange students.

Processing of Applications

After receiving your official application forms, International Relations Office at SDU send them to respective academic departments. The duration of the evaluation varies from department to department and time to time. Once the departmental evaluation is finalized, you will be informed by e-mail. As soon as your application is accepted, a soft copy of an official invitation letter will be sent you by e-mail. In case you need the hard copy of the invitation, please inform Ms. Aizhamal Akhayeva in advance. If your application is not accepted, you will also be informed.

Yes. Suleyman Demirel University Dormitories are open to its all students including Kazakh, International and Exchange Students. Even though SDU gives priority to Exchange Students and International Students, all applications are determined by the availability of rooms. Therefore, the confirmation of housing also depends on the availability of rooms.

English and Kazakh are two main medium of instructions at our University. Some departments have two parallel programs, one is totally in English and one is totally in Kazakh. Using the corresponding language is an obligation of lecturer.

Yes. There are a lot of different students clubs at Suleyman Demirel University. You can join any of these clubs. Suleyman Demirel University encourages and supports students’ participation to such activities, indeed.

Outgoing exchange students

Student Exchange Programs involves an agreement between two universities to exchange students. The advantage is that you do not have to pay tuition fees at the foreign university since you already pay tuition fees in SDU. There are several exceptions, however. Foreign exchange programs provide students with an opportunity to study in a different country and environment experiencing the history and culture of another country.

Exchange programs broaden the academic and social experience of students and promote cooperation between SDU and other institutions. The presence on campus of exchange students from partner institutions diversifies the student population and encourages local students to consider the benefits of an international educational experience.

Students who want to participate in an outbound academic exchange program should meet the following requirements:

  • 2-3 year student;
  • High GPA;
  • 18 years of age at least:
  • Speak fluent English;
  • No criminal records.

How to apply

  • Apply to your faculty
  • English test;
  • Apply to IR office;
  • Submit required documents to IR office;
  • Letter of acceptance from host university;
  • Visa approval;
  • Study abroad at the host university.

Erasmus Plus  International Credit Mobility is an Action 1 under the broader Erasmus+ program to support education, training, youth and sport funded. Erasmus+ ICM funds academic exchange at university level between EU universities and universities from the Erasmus+ Partner countries. Since 2014 International Office, SDU has applied and won more than 40 bids with EU higher education institutions for funding of academic mobility via Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program. The program is funded by the European Comission.

SDU students have the opportunity to participate in the exchange program and get a financial support, which partially covers transportation and living expenses for 3 – 10 months. Students need to follow the Course Transfer and Payment Policy for exchange program, as well as other internal rules for exchange program.

Eligibility: Full-time SDU students who earned 30 – 100 credits by the time of application Bachelor and 15 credits for Master student; less than 12 months of stay during 5 last years in EU; no criminal records, no disciplinary cases, no behavior misconduct.

Selection criteria at SDU (selection is done by 3-5 faculty members):
In addition to the general selection criteria of the exchange program, some criteria for participation and selection of students for an exchange program with external financing are more competitive and consider:
• full-time undergraduate students who have received 30 to 100 credits;
• full-time graduate students who received 15 credits;
• GPA (from 3.7 and higher);
• motivation;
• students who have not used external funding for the exchange program and do not have full (100%) scholarship at SDU have an advantage;
• vulnerable students (with special needs/orphan/from multi-children family, ethnic minority, refugee, discriminated) have an advantage.

International Office announces a call for an online application by email, leaflets on information boards, website, indicating a list of partner institutions and available places and required documents for the regular exchange program:

  • Transcript
  • Motivation Essay
  • Copy of the passport
  • Proofs of extracurricular activities while studying at SDU
  • Proof of vulnerable situation

It is strongly advised that students apply for the exchange program with an external grants only if students meet all eligibility requirements and the partner institution fits your academic background (major, specialization), level of study (Master or Bachelor).

Selected candidates are recommended to the partner institution for the final selection.
There are a partner’s selection criteria designated by the partner institution and include, but not limited to: GPA, English language proficiency (interview/IELTS), recommendation letters from academics; candidates must present the Learning Agreement with a list of courses to be transferred back to SDU.

Participants have to cover all expenses related to tuition fees at SDU. Participants are awarded with a grant to cover living expenses, amount of which depends on a partner country and a duration of stay. Students will get the grant upon arrival to the partner institution by a few installments. Separate amount of the grant goes to cover transportation expenses, amount of which depends on a distance to the host country. However, the grant might not cover all your expenses. The participants sign a Grant Agreement with the partner university. It is the participant’s responsibility to manage the grant, purchase required insurances, books, pay visa/accommodation/student activity fees, deposits, etc. Some partners may cover visa fee and the participant needs to clarify it with the partner. We strongly recommend the participants to plan your budget and foresee expenses, expesially for the initial period of stay.

Suleyman Demirel University is committed to developing strong dual degree programs with some of the world’s most famous universities. These programs allow students to receive two separate diplomas: one from SDU and one from the partner institution. The principle of dual degree programs is that students complete some of their courses at SDU and the rest at the partner institution, with credits being recognized by both. All classes are taught in English. Students pay tuition where they study at that time. Usually, the number places for dual degree programs are limited and competitive. Completing a dual degree program increases the students’ employability after they graduate, providing them with more and better job opportunities, both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

For now SDU has 1+1 dual degree with Collegium Civitas in Poland. This is for Master degree students of the specialty Management.

Details will be available upon request:

Academic mobility for staff

SDU looks forward to receiving requests from faculty from other institutions, who are interested in researching and teaching at SDU.

SDU offers different research, training, and international cultural experience opportunities to its incoming faculty.

To apply, interested candidates should provide the following:

  1. Send CV
  2. Topic of their research
  3. Research proposal
  4. Accompanying letter

Faculty exchange is approved on a case-by-case basis in specific faculties. The Dean of the related faculty or the Head of the department approves all applications.

Before arrival, faculty members can follow the guide with recommendations on accommodation, transfer, places to visit while in Kazakhstan, visas, and other topics.

SDU  offers its faculty and Staff members a range of opportunities to study, carry out research and experience international academic life at partner universities worldwide.

A faculty or staff member’s participation in international or exchange programs administered by SDU is a subject of approval by the Dean or the Head of the department concerned.

Erasmus+ is a new EU program for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport launched in 2014 and extending until 2020. Erasmus+ provides opportunities for the teaching and administrative staff of higher education institutions, with financial support from European Union. Training opportunities are also available for teaching and non-teaching staff employed in SDU.

Interested individuals must have agreed on the program of activities to be undertaken at a host university at the stage of application and the Mobility Agreement should be signed by 3 parties (participant, host and home universities) prior to the start of the mobility period. Teaching mobility includes 8 hours of teaching during a week.

Mevlana Exchange Program through its scholarship scheme supports faculty members from SDU and its Turkish partner HEIs to implement mutual academic mobility for 1-6 weeks.

For faculty, Mevlana Scholarship covers travel expenses and gives the grant on a daily basis, depending on the professorial rank of the participant, to do research and teach from 1 week to 3 months.

Detailed information about the program is here.

All questions about applications please address to the Deputy Director Aizhamal Akhayeva at International Relations Office.

Visa process

The Procedure for Registration of passport for a Foreigner Arriving to Study at the SDU

  1. After crossing the customs border at Almaty airport or custom control at the borders of Kazakhstan, a student must visit International Relations Office (E110) within 1 working day to give all necessary documents to the Visa Coordinator or his assistant.
  2. You need to have: passport, migration card, which is given by the Officers from the Customs.
  3. A notification is made within 1 working day at the migration department for Students who have arrived on a student visa.
  4. A registration is made within 2 working days for Students who came without visa.
  5. In case of violation of the deadlines, legality and non-compliance with the standards of applying to Visa Coordinator or his assistant, the student warns that in case of repeated violations the student is sent to the disciplinary council, and by decision of the council, the student is expelled from the university.
  6. In accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with Article 517 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in case of violation of the period of stay, the student is fined from 15 to 20 MCI, which will be fully paid by the student, as well as arrest up to 10 days and deportation are possible .



Question? Contact us!

Since Infomatrix Asia is an international project competition and current lingua franca is English language, we decided that everything(documentation, presentation, submission) will be in English.

Starting from this year, participation doesn’t give opportunity get max at ENT.

All participants who study at secondary school must participate with their supervisors. Due to the security concerns of the participants.

Mail to (Only technical questions)

Look carefully at category requirements, but common thing is: great presentation, clear documentation, completed project, short video demonstrating your knowledge of English Participants from Kazakhstan should have participated on regional, city, republic project competitions before.

Infomatrix Asia is an independent competition. Therefore, you are free to submit your project to any other competitions.

The participation fee is a required fixed cost that covers: transportation, medals, t-shirts, certificates, food, lodging and so on…


We are inviting participants to stay in our comfortable and modern “Student House” located on the territory of SDU.

The student house of Suleyman Demirel University offers students not only accommodation and meals on the territory of the Smart Campus during their studies, but also the opportunity to improve their social skills and strengthen international relationships.

Do you need help? Contact us!

Бонус ұпай қалай жинауға болады?

Қатысушылардың Instagram желісіндегі парақшасында SPT олимпиадасы туралы қызықты әрі креатив пост жариялау арқылы 1-ден 5-ке дейін бонус ұпайға ие болу мүмкіндігі бар. Пост сурет, мәтін немесе видео сияқты кез келген форматта бола алады.

Шығармашылық шектеу жоқ, қиялыңа ерік бер!
Арманыңды жаз, әңгіме құрастыр, видео түсір, достарыңа мотивация бер,  оларды да қатысуға шақыр!

Бұл – тіпті қосымша 0,5 ұпайдың грант иесі атануда шешуші рөл атқара алатын тұсы. Сондықтан мұндай тамаша мүмкіндікті міндетті түрде пайдалануға кеңес береміз.


  • Қызықты және креативті пост жариялау (мәтін 50 cөзден кем емес, қатысышының өз атынан жазылады)
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  • Қатысушы парақшасы 10 наурызға дейін ашық болуы керек.

*Посттарды олимпиада ұйымдастырушылары былай бағалайды (жалпы ереже):

▫️1 ұпай:
— Пост жарияланған, талаптарға сай;
▫️2 ұпай:
— Мәтіні өте жақсы жазылған пост;
▫️3 ұпай:
— сапалы түсірілген және монтаждалған видео-пост;
▫️4 және 5 ұпай:
— Көп қаралым жинаған, лайк пен комментарий саны көп сапалы пост. 

Алайда баға беруші посттың сапасына көбірек қарайды. Яғни, тек қана мәтінмен-ақ +5 балл алу мүмкіндігі де бар. Немесе керісінше, көп лайк жинаған пост сапасыз болғандықтан 1 ұпай ғана жинауы мүмкін.

Посттар онлайн тіркелу аяқталғанға дейін қабылданады.

Как заработать бонусные баллы?

Участники имеют возможность заработать от 1 до 5 бонусных баллов, написав интересный и креативный пост об олимпиаде SPT на своей странице в Instagram. Пост может быть в любом формате, как текст, фото или видео.

Творчеству нет предела, дай волю своим фантазиям!
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Это тот самый момент, когда даже 0,5 баллов решают, достоин ты гранта или нет. Поэтому очень советуем воспользоваться этой  возможностью.


  • Опубликовать интересный и креативный пост (с текстом не менее 50 слов, от имени участника)
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  • Страница участника должна быть открытой до 10 марта.

Посты оцениваются организаторами олимпиады таким образом:

▫️1 балл:
— есть пост, выполнены все условия;
▫️2 балла:
— пост с хорошо написанным текстом;
▫️3 балла:
— интересный пост с качественно снятым и смонтированным видео;
▫️4 и 5 баллов:
— качественные посты с хорошим охватом, количеством лайков и комментариев.

Оценивая посты, организаторы в первую очередь обращают внимание на качество поста. То есть, даже с текстом можно получить максимальный балл. Или наоборот, посты которые набрали тысячи лайкав, могут получить только 1 балл из за плохого качества.

Посты принимаются до завершения онлайн регистрации.

Support the faculty (professors)

1. Support Research Internship Program. Faculty members develop academic curriculum and research at the University. Within the framework of this program SDU provides faculty members with the opportunities to do research abroad. Your donations will cover flight expenses, accommodation and monthly salary from 6 months up to 1 year. SDU also invites professors from abroad to share their knowledge and experience with local faculty and students.
2. Support “Zhas maman” Program. “Zhas maman” program is aimed at developing university human capital by selecting the best SDU graduates and helping them start their academic career as teaching assistants. Young specialists are encouraged to do PhD abroad and get rich research experience from prestigious universities. Teaching assistants are provided with scholarships and professional advise from the faculty.

Support the University

SDU campus is a central place for students educational and recreational activities. University aims to renew its basic infrastructure by building new facilities and substantially renovating existing ones. This includes buildings, roads, utilities, grounds and landscaping, student housing, and information technology resources needed to fully support the University mission. Maintaining up-to-date library resources and research facilities, equipment, and technological tools are also important.

Support talented students

This program is for outstanding students regardless of their welfare. Eligible students have to demonstrate outstanding academic and social achievements. This program is designed to foster professional and personal development of students by giving full or partial grants or providing dormitory. In order to keep the grant during the whole period of its validity the recipient has to meet certain minimum GPA each semester.


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