Human Resources

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The HR Department of SDU has the responsibility to oversee the management of human resources, including facilitation of employee resourcing, development and maintenance to be achieved through human resources planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection. 

Other responsibilities include orientation and induction, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and remuneration planning, motivation, welfare, health and safety and employee relations.

HR department is focused on a number of major areas

Recruiting and staffing

Performance appraisal

Organization development

Training and learning

Labor relations and labor laws

HR department staff

HR Department Director

HR Department Manager

Head of Personnel Administration Office: 
SDU Business School, Center of Multidisciplinary Education, Continuing Education Center

Chief Expert of Personnel Administration Office:
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Administrative departments

Expert of Personnel Administration Office:
Faculty of Education and Humanities, Faculty of Jurisprudence and Social Sciences

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