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Pedagogicial Mathematics


Pedagogical Mathematics


PhD in Mathematics Education  

Program length

3 years




Fundamental Questions of Algebra, Geometry and Logic (Applied Mathematics)

Program description

The main objective of the PhD program is to ensure that the candidates attain a good academician level to train teachers and guide counselors in Mathematics Education. The PhD program develops the knowledge and skills to engage at the highest levels of teaching and research in the scientific field of Mathematics Education. PhD students acquire the professional skills including subject matter teaching techniques required to succeed in the profession of lecturer in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Learning outcomes

  • using and applying the academic knowledge at the level of expertise acquired in the field of mathematics education.
  • utilizing specialized knowledge about other disciplines related to the field of mathematics education.
  • proposing solutions by using quantitative and qualitative scientific research methods to problems in mathematics education.
  • participating in social project and sharing their academic knowledge and studies in written and orally in a society.
  • using and following  publications in a foreign language, communicate and produce scientific works in foreign languages.
  • using information and communication technologies at an advanced level in his studies in the field of mathematics education.
  • following and interpreting the new developments in the field of mathematics education.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Didactic foundations in Mathematics Education   
Didactic development in Mathematics       
Philosophy and Methodology of pedagogy              
Professional background of a future math teachers  
Advanced Research Methods

Semester 2

Pedagogical practice in Higher Education
Reading Literature in Math Education                                                        
The Research Practice Scientific & Research Study

Semesters 3-6

Scientific & Research Study 
Doctoral Dissertation Defense 


PhD candidates can work in higher education, research institutes, teacher educational centers or related enterprises at various levels. They also study as educational consultancy or expertise in mathematics. PhD graduates can continue to post-doctoral programs in prestigious higher education institutions in Kazakhstan and abroad.


Abdullah Almas




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