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The Faculty of Education and Humanities offers programs of English (TEFL/TESOL), Kazakh language, and science teachers (STEM), including Humanities: Translation Studies and Philology (Linguistics). We pride ourselves on the high quality of our graduates, who are equipped with 21st century skills and are highly demanded on the market. All programs in the faculty offer contemporary courses on methods of teaching, education, translation, and research. The medium of instruction is English.

About us

Student exchange: Every semester the students of our faculty have academic student exchange mobility to study abroad. The average number of students taking part in student exchange program is 25-30 students. The following list is partner universities which collaborate closely with SDU:

1. Siauliai University (Lithuania);
2. Sookmyung Women’s University (Republic of Korea);
3. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea);
4. Turiba University (Latvia);
5. University of Malaya, (Malaysia);
6. University of NIS, (Serbia);
7. Vistula University (Poland);
8. University of Leicester (UK);
9. Virginia International University (USA);
10. Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus);


Visiting professors: Every year the Faculty of Education host visiting professors from all around the world. The professors from Lakehead University (Canada), University of Birmingham (UK), Michigan State University (USA), NILE (Norwich, UK), SIT (USA) have already been the guest speakers in the Faculty of Education and Humanities.

International projects: This year the faculty of Education and Humanities became a part of the Erasmus project with Narxoz and international IT universities under is “HE and VET alliance establishment according to Bologna Principals implementation via VET teachers’ capacity building [ALLVET]” project.

International students: The Faculty of Education and Humanities has more than 100 international students from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Mongolia, China, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia.


Language Education

The Department of Language Education was founded in 1996. Since its establishment a number of students have successfully graduated from our department and now are empowered to pursue their professional goals all over the world. Currently we offer a wide range of programmes for future specialists interested in teaching languages, philology and for those aspiring to become written translators and interpreters. The language programmes are available at all levels (BA, MA and PhD*) to fit different learners’ needs. 

The Department prepares communicatively competent and informed citizens proficient in languages and possessing critical insights into world cultures. Our teaching methods and techniques will contribute to our students’ career advancement in a global society, cultural intelligence, intercultural competence, and applied language skills as well as to achieving their professional and personal goals.


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