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Our program combines good theoretical training and quantitative research skills, which gives tremendous advantages for practical work. Knowledge of the theory allows graduates to think systematically and in practice to offer solutions to problems that do not seem obvious to others. Knowledge of economic methods allows to quantify the scale of the problems, as well as to calculate the consequences of the decisions made.


Master of Business & Management

Program length

2 years
1 years


122 scientific and pedagogical masters program

64 profile masters program

Program description

Educational programs include fundamental disciplines
devoted to the analysis of data and the compilation
of academic texts, current problems of
macroeconomics and microeconomics, the economic
security of the company, the development of human
capital and industry markets; it is also useful to
those who see themselves as an analyst, researcher,
manager in a large or medium-sized company, a
private entrepreneur and an employee of an
international organization.

Learning outcomes

• Applying management skills, psychological knowledge and communication skills in terms of foreign language education in professional activities;

• Using the mathematical apparatus and skills of economic calculations • To be competent in achieving and ensuring the economic security of the company, to master the basic concepts, methods and stages of the business;

• Being able to analyze and evaluate the economic performance of the company and develop further recommendations and strategies for improving indicators;

• Mastering the methods of analysis and experiment, be ready to put the results into practice, have the skills to plan and conduct scientific and applied research in the field of economics, have the skills of public speaking, oppose and argue their thoughts and research results

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Economic safety of the firm

Semester 2 

Macroeconomic analysis
International business
Research management

Semester 3

Microeconomic analysis
Human resource management
Corporate financial management


Corporations, international organizations, national
companies, economic institutions, economic and
financial-analytical services of enterprises and
organizations of various legal forms

Program Coordinator

MSc. Dinara Sarsenova



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