The Student House

is built for 1000 people in 4 blocks (2 males, and 2 females only)

Student House is located on the territory of the Smart Campus in the immediate vicinity of the university building (30 meters). For students and guests of the university Next to Student House is a football field, volleyball and basketball courts. 24-hour security protects the campus ensuring the safety of all students and visitors. Moreover, for VIP guests in block “A” there are two VIP rooms with amenities.

About us

Main mission of dormitory is to create a friendly atmosphere, mutual understanding of each other, and a place to live in unity where youth will be drawn to knowledge. This factor will play a decisive role in the formation of people who will develop Kazakhstan at an international level in all sectors. Our main priority is a student. Our responsibilities include creating the optimal comfortable conditions for our students to stay, proper daily meals, constant psychological support, as well as a promotion of sports and outdoor activities.

For comfortable living of students on each floor there are:

  • Lounge with TV
  • Weight-training room
  • Shower
  • Toilets
  • Dining room (kitchen furniture, refrigerator, kettle, filtered water, dishes)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Chess tables
  • Ironing rooms

In every room of the student house there are:

Writing desks
Storage cupboards
And also for convenience in each block are located:
  • Reception for new residents
  • Canteen
  • First medical aid room
  • Laundry
  • Payment terminals to recharge accounts
  • Gym
  • Aerobics room
  • Billiards
  • Table tennis
  • Mini-cinema
  • Playstations
  • Karaoke

The dorm is cleaned daily by professional staff.

The food
is provided 3 times

On-site laundry
and clothes repair

Payment details

TOO “Dorm-service” 040900,
Алматинскаяобл., г.Каскелен, ул. Абылай хана, 1/1.
БИН: 110440021346
IBAN: KZ626017131000016522
КБе 17
АО «Народный Банк Казахстан»

TOO “Dorm-service” 040900,
Almatyreg., Kaskelen, AbylaiKhan st. 1/1.
БИН: 110440021346
IBAN: KZ626017131000016522
КБе 17
АО «National Bank of Kazakhstan»

Docs required

6 photos 3х4
Copy of medical report 086 (obtainable from any Kazakh clinic)
Copy of identity card
Copy of payment receipt

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