Research Institutes

Institute of Multidisciplinary Research

Institute of Multidisciplinary Research at the Suleyman Demirel University aims to enhance and support research related activities of both national and international scholars. The institute welcomes activities with research emphasis including research visits, research collaborations, and funding applications. Currently, there are six research centers and five laboratories.
Research center institutes are
  1. Turkological Research Center named after A.Baytursynuly
  2. Research Center “Information Technology”
  3. Center of Economics, Social and Business Research
  4. Research Center: “Discrete mathematics and mathematical logic”
  5. Center for interdisciplinary research
  6. Antropology
Research center Laboratories are
  1. Language, Culture, and Communication
  2. Applied Linguistics
  3. Study art of speech
  4. “Neonomads” film and audiovisual arts research laboratory
  5. Laboratory of social analysis and forecasting

Supervisor – PhD, Professor D. Yskakuly.

The Research Center is established to coordinate the efforts of scientists in the field of journalism, literature and language on the basis of common problems of Turkology such as: terminology, comparative literature, common cultural values of the Turkic world, text studies and others. The Institute operates at the expense of additional funding received from external sources (grants of MES of RK, international contractual works) via the University. 
The staff of the Center are employees of Suleyman Demirel University. The Institute named after A. Baytursynuly conducts basic and applied research on promising areas of philology.
The Center brings together a number of research laboratories: 

  • “Language. Culture. Communication”- The head of the laboratory Ph.D., Professor. ZK Ahmetzhanova.
  • “Applied Linguistics”- The head of the laboratory Ph.D., assoc. Professor K. Kuderinova
  • “Study art of speech” – The head of the laboratory PhD, Assist. Professor B. Kerimbekova

Supervisor: Prof. A. Amirgaliyev.

The trend of the center is to ensure competitiveness and high-level scientific and technological results of basic and applied research in the fields of mathematics, computer science and management, prototyping new equipment according to the scientific direction of the Institute, experimental work on the design, implementation and development of applied technology, the creation and implementation Mathematical forms of information technology.

Supervisor: PhD, Professor Bolat L. Tatibekov.

The Center of Economics, Social and Business Research was created in order to develop a comprehensive research and applied economics education and research at the Business school of Suleyman Demirel University. CESBS does scientific activities through research with theoretical, methodological and practical importance.

Supervisor: Doctor of Sciences, Professor B.S. Baizhanov.

The object and purpose of the Center is to conduct research in discrete mathematics and mathematical logic, attracting young scientists to research activities in the field of mathematical logic and the creation of conditions to students, undergraduates, doctoral students, young teachers for scientific growth in the application of mathematical methods, mainly mathematical method logic in information technology.

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