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Student life in SDU is not only about study and practicing, but also about creative self-development with 28 student clubs and organizations covering various spheres of intellectual development, scientific research, creativity, entertainments, culture, art and sports.

One of the main aspects of University’s Strategic Development for 2018-2022 is obtaining competitive advantages by students and graduates, that will allow them to gain firm positions in labor market. The competitive advantages of any higher education institution is determined by: availability of international educational programs; high demand of graduates in labor market; availability of additional education and its quality.

According to the Development Strategy of the University, SDU students get priceless experience by participating in wide range of educational programs, consisting of: intellectual development, team work, leadership, project management, development of communicative skills, practice and internship, opportunity to study on the territory of campus and outside of it. All these conditions primarily influence the process of competitiveness development of SDU graduates.

Student fee is aimed at support and development of social activities for SDU students. This contribution is used for activities of 28 student clubs and organizations, that enrich student life and provide additional opportunities for skill development and socialization of students.

According to the paragraph 3 article 63 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” Suleyman Demirel University has the right to provide on a paid basis the services that are not included into mandatory state standards for education, namely:

  • implementation of additional educational programs (development of children’s and young people’s creativeness, skills and interests in sports, culture and art, qualification upgrade of specialists);
  • organization of additional classes with individual learners for courses (disciplines and discipline modules) after study time, allotted for learning curricula and programs;
  • deep study of scientific knowledge basics for courses (disciplines and discipline modules);
  • organization and implementation of different events: sport competitions, workshops, sessions, conferences among students and pupils, pedagogic staff and grown-up community, and also events on educational literature development;
  • access to musical instruments and additional Internet services;
  • arrangements of summer vacation, food provision to learners and students, organizers of different events provided on the territory of educational institution.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” “Additional education is the process of upbringing and teaching implemented in order to fulfil different aspects of demands of students, pupils and specialists. Therefore, a student fee in the amount of 40 000 (forty thousand) tenge, is intended to fulfil these needs of SDU students.

Suleyman Demirel University follows the principles of informational openness, publicity and transparency. Here is the information concerning distribution of financial resources of the Fund and the list of projects implemented by the Fund.


Plan of events of the social department for 2019-2020

EventFrequencyCostTotal amount for 4 years
Welcome party1st course1 700 0001 700 000
Graduation4th course2 500 0002 500 000
Nauryzannually 1 200 0004 600 000
Career day3rd and 4th course 60 000240 000
Relax weekannually200 000800 000
Orientation days 1st course100 000100 000
SDU Fest1st course80 00080 000
SDU Awardsannually450 0001 800 000
Sports festival among studentsannually 150 000600 000
Dance tournamentsannually 100 000400 000
Football tournamentannually 200 000800 000
Tennis tournamentannually 20 00080 000
Basketball tournamentannually 150 000600 000
Debate tournamentannually 100 000400 000
Gym rentannually 1 200 0004 800 000
Sport equipmentannually 500 0002 000 000
Artificial coating of sports fieldone-time payment9 600 0009 600 000
Material and technical equipment of facilities at sports field (changing room)one-time payment1 500 0001 500 000
Social events in cooperation with faculties during the academic year, such as: Ecocup and Lawcup Football Tournaments, picnics, Thematic events: Markethons, Hackathons, etc.annually3 350 00013 400 000
Social events in dormitory, such as: Hangover, Ice Party, Orientation Day for residents, Sports Festival,  8th March, New Year, Welcome After Party; Cultural and entertaining events with trips to Charyn Canyon, Lake Kolsay; Evening leisure time: tea party,  Open Air Cinema and othersannually10 000 00040 000 000
TOTAL AMOUNT 33 160 00086 600 000


“Welcome Party” – event, organized for freshmen, that helps them to get comfortable in the university.  It takes place at the beginning of the first semester of each year.

“Graduation” –  a ceremony for graduates of the university. It takes place at the end of each academic year for all graduates of the university.

“Orientation days” – event for all freshmen, aimed at acquaintance with life and rules of the university.

Within this activity, freshmen meet with administration, President and Rector of the university, as well as heads of student clubs.           

            “SDUFest” –  activity for acquaintance of students with social life of the university – membership in student clubs.
The event consists of three parts:
1) Parade of club organizations representing and introducing the meaning of the event.

2) Concert;
3) Acquaintance with activities of each club.

            “Nauryz” – celebration of national holiday is the essential part of SDU’s cultural life. Celebration is conducted by mutual cooperation of the staff, teachers and students. It is important to mention that the University provides separate yurts for each faculty and staff in order to create complete festive atmosphere on its territory.

            “Career Day” – activity executed by the Career Department of SDU and aimed at facilitating employment of SDU students and their career building. Under this event, students get opportunity to:

            – evaluate themselves and their strong points, to upgrade communicative skills, to organize their skills and experience;

            – develop networking with employers;

            – learn the stories of success from professionals of different spheres; to get priceless advice and recommendations from authorities of development of individual competences, skills and careers.

            “Relax week” – event aimed at improvement of effectiveness and employability of students. Relax week is the best solution to the problem of overload gained by students during certain time of study.

            The event takes place during the most intense time for students – exam sessions; and includes: art therapy, contact with animals and revealing of certain peculiarities.

            “SDU awards” – a closing event of an academic year, highlighting the results of social and academic activities of SDU students. It is one of the most interesting and promising projects, where on annual basis active and talented SDU students receive awards for the following nominations:

  • «Student of the year»
  • «Performance of the year»
  • «Organization of the year»
  • «Breakthrough of the year»
  • «Project of the year»
  • «Freshman of the year»
  • «International student of the year»
  • «Sportsman of the year»
  • «For the support and development»
  • «Alumni of the year»
  • «Teacher of the year»
  • «Faculty of the year»

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