Law & Social Sciences


Public Law


Master of Law Sciences

Program length

2 years




Program description

The main purpose of Public law is to prepare undergraduates with fundamental scientific and professional training, owning modern information technologies, including methods of obtaining, processing and storing scientific information, should be able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, plan and conduct research/experimental research activities in the chosen scientific specialty, teach at the University, successfully carry out research and management activities.

Learning outcomes

  • analyzing the current situation and seeing the prospects for its further development; foreseeing possible consequences according to the available data; navigating the system, structure, competence of state, including law enforcement agencies; interpreting the norms of various branches of law; 

  • using normative legal acts in professional activity; preparing expert legal opinions; understanding introduced legislative innovations; logically competently expressing and justifying own point of view; using computer and other innovative technologies;

  • carrying out competent maintenance of document circulation; making various documents of legal character; analyzing and solving legal problems in the sphere of public-legal relations.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Psychology of Management
Modern methods of criminal law interpretation
Scientific Research Work 1
Constitution and economy (power and property)
Actual problems of human rights in the criminal process
History and Philosophy of Science

Semester 2

Higher School Pedagogy
Interaction of criminal and civil law
Pedagogical practice
Scientific Research Work 2
Theory and practice of criminal procedure
Problems of law enforcement and judicial activity in Kazakhstan
Foreign Language (professional)

Semester 3

Scientific Research Work 3
Non-judicial practices and alternative ways of resolving legal conflicts in criminal proceedings
Theoretical and methodological problems of criminology
Theory of pre-trial law
Organizational and legal basis of anti-corruption
Victimological prevention

Semester 4

Scientific Research Work 4
Research practice
Registration and defense of masters degree dissertation


Corporate lawyers, State offices, Lawyers, Courts, Legal advisers, Law enforcement body, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Teaching Academicians etc

Program Coordinator

Aidyn Amankozhayev



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