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Multimedia & TV Journalism​

Get the skills of a specialist in the field of media, journalism and communications. Begin your career as a professional by exploring data collection and analysis skills, data visualization skills, the creation of all kinds of journalistic materials (offline / online) with multimedia elements, television and radio programs with marketing and media skills to promote content.


Bachelor of Social Sciences in Journalism

Program length

4 years




Creative exam

Program description

The bachelor’s program in Journalism is aimed at training specialists in the field of media, journalism and communications. 
The program offers fundamental knowledge of important areas and problems of journalism and media, including methodology of conducting research in the field, data collection and analysis skills, skills of visualizing data , creating all kinds of journalistic materials, both for print and online publications with multimedia elements, TV and radio programs with marketing and media skills to promote journalistic content. 
The journalism program focuses on five main areas:

  •  video journalism;
  • audio journalism;
  • data journalism and visualization;
  • communications, media and politics;
  • theories and fundamentals of media.

Learning outcomes

  • demonstrating understanding of the fundamentals of journalist rights, ethical concepts, marketing, media management, history and theories of mass communication, and critical analysis when making decisions in professional activities;
  • showing ability to produce all types and genres of journalistic materials, including TV and radio programs, print and online publications, multimedia articles, video and audio materials, data and investigative articles and etc.;
  • applying designing skills and visual composition fundamentals in presenting data, creating infographics and print publications;
  • applying knowledge and skills of audio-video editing and graphic design software;
  • showing capability to collect, analyse and organize data in order to conduct academic research.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Kazakh (Russian) language – compulsory
Foreign language – compulsory
Turkish language – compulsory
P.E. – compulsory
Introduction to Journalism – elective
Photojournalism  – elective
History of mass communication – elective 

Semester 2

Kazakh (Russian) language – compulsory
Foreign language – compulsory
Turkish language – compulsory
P.E. – compulsory
Sociology / Culturology – compulsory
Educational practice – compulsory
Media history – elective
TV and Radio Journalism – elective 

Semester 3

Modern history of Kazakhstan – compulsory
Professional Turkish language – compulsory
P.E. – compulsory
Educational practice on discipline – compulsory
Political Science / Psychology – compulsory
Art of Writing – elective
Media literacy – elective
Media design – elective 

Semester 4

ICT – compulsory
Philosophy – compulsory
Professional Turkish language – compulsory
P.E. – compulsory
Law and ethics – elective
Audio-video editing techniques – elective
Advanced media design – elective 

Semester 5

Economics – compulsory
Data Journalism – elective
Video and documentary – elective
Visual composition – elective
Media sociology – elective
Fundamentals of PR 

Semester 6

Theories of mass communication – elective
Audio Journalism – elective
Strategic communication and audience analysis – elective
Data collecting and investigative reporting – elective
Multimedia Journalism – elective
Modern technologies in PR 

Semester 7

Internship – compulsory
Media and politics – elective
Media and economics – elective
Digital marketing – elective
Media management – elective
Producing and TV directing – elective 

Semester 8

Research methods – elective
Final attestation – compulsory
Pre-graduation internship


Alumni of the program can work in any field of journalism, including but not limited to TV and Radio reporting, TV directing and producing, reporting for online and print (both in newsroom and in the field), photojournalism, video and cinematography, news and feature editing, graphic designing and designing for print, SMM, Public Relations and so on.

Student Profile

Age average: 19-20
Males: 23%
Females: 77%
International Students: 2%
Groups: Kazakh and English
Languages of instruction: English, Kazakh, Turkish.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Madiyar Saudbayev



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