Law & Social Sciences

Modern Law


Modern Law


Bachelor of Law

Program length

4 years




Program description

The main goal is to form a solid theoretical background, systematical knowledge of law as a necessary stage of development of skills of successful practice. Formation of skills of independent work with a significant number and volume of sources, scientific, educational, analytical, reference and information materials. Mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform specialized legal activities: drafting legislative acts, edicts, sub-law acts, law enforcement mechanisms, human rights, expert consulting and analytics. Formation of competencies to solve the main professional tasks, which are focused on practice-oriented training: preparation of civil contracts applications, claims, responses to claims, complaints, appeals and other legal documents; preparation of law drafts,enforcement acts, ensuring the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, rights and legitimate interests of legal entities by consulting, representation in public officesses and local governments, Kazakhstan and international courts; clarification of rights, legal advice; implementation of legal examination of documents.

Learning outcomes

  • forming themselves in practical skills to identify and analyze legal problems;
  • self-improving skills, knowledge and acquire new skills and abilities;
  • developing intelligence, moral, ethical, communicative, organizational and managerial skills and forms a competent specialist fluent in languages;
  • finding the best ways to solve problems and make decisions related to the implementation of tasks in professional activities;
  • analyzing and solving legal problems in the field of civil law, labor, administrative law, criminal law and other relations.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Modern history of Kazakhstan
Fundamentals of civil law
Introduction to law
Research Methods and Accessing Legal Information Resources
Turkish Language
Physical Training
Kazakh (Russian) language

Semester 2

Kazakh (Russian) language
Module of socio-political knowledge (sociology, political science, cultural studies,psychology)
Family Law
Constitutional law of Kazakhstan
Fundamentals of legal thinking and methodology
Turkish Language
Physical Training
Educational Practice

Semester 3

English Language
Module of socio-political knowledge (sociology, political science, cultural studies,psychology)
Law of obligations I (General provisions)
Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (general part)-I
International Public Law
Turkish Language
Physical Training
Educational Practice

Semester 4

English Language
Information-communication technologies
Criminal Law of RK (special part)-2
Law of obligations II (special types of contracts)
Land and Property law
Turkish Language
Physical Training

Semester 5

Civil procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan I (basic provisions)
Criminal procedure law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Labour relations and labour disputes
Business and Corporate law
Law enforcement agencies and public Prosecutor’s supervision

Semester 6

Tax law and tax disputes
Administrative offences and liability
Civil Procedural Law of RK 2
International arbitration
International private law

Semester 7

Selected cases from the practice of international law firms
Professional ethics of a lawyer
Execution of judgment
Professional Practice

Semester 8

Intellectual Property Law
Pre-diploma practice


Corporate lawyers, State offices, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Courts, Legal advisers, Law enforcement body, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Teaching Academicians, Policemen, National security officer, etc

Program Coordinator

Aidyn Amankozhayev



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