Law & Social Sciences

International Studies & Politics


International Studies & Politics


Bachelor of Social Sciences in Relations

Program length

4 years




English Language
World History

Program description

The program aims to produce graduates who can comprehend and interpret international relations, think analytically and be lifelong learners. The curriculum involves courses related to International Studies, Politics, International Law, International Security, International Political Economy, as well as International Relations Theories and Regional Studies. Disciplines include various aspects of international issues and theoretic approaches to them. The department offers semester-based courses and the period of study is four years.

Learning outcomes

  • the capability of explaining the concepts/theories of International Relations
  • recognizing the political, social and economic causes and results of the transformations experienced in a society or a state
  • awareness of the universality of social rights, social justice, and conservation of cultural values
  • being able to gather required information on relevant specific cases and develop suggestions/report in the field
  • adequate knowledge and awareness of the processes of globalization and intercultural communication

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Introduction to International Relations
Political Science
Theory of Economics
Fundamentals of Law
Information and Communication Technologies
English Language 1
Turkish Language 1
Kazakh/Russian Language 1
Physical Training 1

Semester 2

History of Civilisations
Diplomatic and Consular Services
Modern History of Kazakhstan
Educational Practice
English Language 2
Turkish Language 2
Kazakh/Russian Language 2
Physical Training 2

Semester 3

International Relations Theories
Modern History of International Relations
Regional Security in Central Asia
Post-communist Russia in World Politics
International (Public) Law
Professional Foreign Language (English)
Business Turkish Language
Professional Kazakh/Russian Language
Physical Training 3

Semester 4

Contemporary International Relations History
Foreign Policy Analysis
International Organisations
International Conflicts and Peace
Techniques of Conducting Diplomatic Negotiations
Physical Training 4

Semester 5

Diplomatic Documentation
Eurasian Studies
Kazakhstan and Turkic World
Combating International Terrorism
Research Methods
Second Foreign Language 1 (Chinese/French)

Semester 6

Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan
Multilateral Diplomacy
The Middle East and North Africa in International Relations
The Western, Russian and Chinese Soft Power policies in Central Asia
Geopolitics and Regional Integration
Global Political Economy
Second Foreign Language 2 (Chinese/French)

Semester 7

World Trade Organisation: Law and Economics
Security Studies
International Migration and Urbanisation Studies
The Role of Leadership in World Politics
Democratic Peace Thesis
Nationalism and Religion
Contemporary Problems of International Relations
Second Foreign Language 3 (Chinese/French)

Semester 8

Field Internship
Thesis Writing


Since current multipronged policy of Kazakhstan, aiming to reach the economic level of developed countries requires numerous specialists in international issues. Alumni of this programme are mostly involved in international department of various government institutions, such as ministries, local councils and administrative bodies. Moreover, some of them have been working in international organisations within Kazakhstan and abroad.

Student Profile

Age average: 21
Males: 45%
Females: 55%
International Students: 20%
Languages of instruction: English with Chinese or French taught as the second language.

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