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Information Technology Department is the nucleus of computing and technology at Suleyman Demirel University. The IT Department manages and maintains the university’s computer labs, classroom technology, client workstations, and campus network. Our mission is to support teaching, learning, research and corporate services through the use of secure, reliable and accessible IT services.

Key support services are summarized below with links to more information. Some services are listed on this website.

Personal computers
Access Points
Network Switches
MFD Printers
IP Phones
…are being actively used. Any support needed in any case of breakdown is provided by our department.

IT department services


Google account password

Students need to go to SSC (Student service center) to change google passwords. Staff member’s google account passwords changes only IT department.

Moodle, wifi, DMS, Office 365 passwords

Users can change passwords at

University portal password

1- Go to University portal

2- Press to “Can’t access my account”

3- Enter for students “ID Number”, for staff members “name.surname”

4- The portal will send a link to the user’s email address. You can set your new password using the link.

Contact the IT department.

For staff members need to use wifi username (name.surname) and password, students ID number and wifi password.

If you want to change password go to

Only, HR department can provide new personnel credentials.

The Suleyman Demirel University has a subscription to Office 365 which means that all our staff can benefit from the use of this constantly evolving suite of software for free. ( 

Staff members need to use email ( as login, password as wifi, moodle or DMS password to use office 365.

Students need to use email (ID as login, password as wifi, moodle password to use office 365.

IT support is provided to staff members only. Staff members should send IT support request at

IT department staff

IT Department Director

Head of System Administrators

System Administrator

System Administrator

System Administrator

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