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Computer Science

This program prepares students for work as professionals in computer science fields, such as software developers, software project managers, data engineers, data scientists, software testers, UX/UI specialists, IoT engineers and many other professions in the field. Students who study this program are required to be hardworking and to have excellent math and logic skills. Some modules of the program have identical content to modules of world-leading universities, such as Stanford and Harvard.


Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies

Program length

4 years




English Language (B2 or IELTS 5.5)

Program description

This program includes a special Beta-Career program, which gives students an opportunity to work in software developing companies. A key feature here is that Beta-Careers are counted as 12-credit courses, and students are evaluated by a company representative. The program contains courses that are located at company offices and delivered by professionals. Currently, these modules are provided by Automato and GreetGo.
The main aim of this program is to enable student-centered learning of programming, analysis of algorithms and data structures, software design patterns, electronics, constructing digital devices and software engineering. 

Learning outcomes

  • Developing and designing software applications using relevant frameworks, and algorithms
  • Designing and constructing IoT devices
  • Implementing machine learning applications by analyzing and cleaning data, implementing algorithms, and analyzing and choosing relevant algorithms results
  • Working in a group project, communicating effectively

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Compulsory courses:
Programming Fundamentals
Calculus 1
Calculus 2
Linear Algebra
Discrete mathematics
English language 1-2
Kazakh language 1-2
Information and Communication Technologies
Kazakhstan History
Module of Social and Political knowledge 1
Module of Social and Political knowledge 2
Physical Education
Educational practice
Electronics 1
Electronics 2
Programming abstractions
Algorithms and Data structures
Web programming fundamentals
Computer networks
Computer organizations and architectures
Software engineering
Diploma project
Pre-diploma practice

Elective courses:
Data analysis
Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Deep neural networks
Backend development
Frontend development
Software testing
User experience and user interfaces
System programming
Implementing Internet of Things
Parallel computing
Formal languages and automata theory
Database management systems 1
Database management systems 2
Game development
Computer networks 2
Signal processing
Computer applications security


Graduates of this specialty can be employed

  • at the enterprises of various industries;
  • in companies and enterprises which provide technical support and service of computer and microprocessor technology:
  • in companies engaged in information and telecommunication systems;
  • in companies that develop software, applications for mobile operating systems or develop games.

After finishing this specialty, student can work as any expert in IT, whether it is a programmer or a project manager.

Students can work in a large IT companies of Silicon Valley like Google, Facebook, Microsoft or start their startup.

Program Coordinator

 MSc. Meraryslan Meraliyev




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