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Two Foreign Languages


Two Foreign Languages


Master of Pedagogical Sciences

Program length

2 years




English Language

Program description

Master of Science in TEFL is an innovative graduate degree program that will equip participants with the skills essential for an academic career in TESOL. The program provides an English-medium study of contemporary approaches to language teaching with an emphasis on building intercultural communicative competence in English as a global language. Having enrolled the program, graduate students will experience a liberal learning environment that allows them to reflect on an in-depth study of a student-centered pedagogy that values participatory approaches such as Project-based Language Learning or CLIL. The faculty promote excellence of an academic foundation for a PhD in TESOL through productivity of intellectual efforts that focus on reflective teaching and research with significant impact on language education.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

History and Philosophy of Science (of Applied Linguistics and TEFL)
Psychology of Management (in Educational Organizations)
Master’s Research in TEFL 1 (Research Design)
Research Methodology in Foreign Language Education
Assessment of Foreign Language Proficiency
Advanced Grammar of English (C1-C2) Intercultural Communication Research in EFL Classes
English Toastmaster (C1-C2)

Semester 2 

Advanced English for Academic Purposes (C1-C2)
Special Issues of TEFL Pedagogy in Higher Education
Pedagogical Practicum in a Higher Educational Institution
Master’s Research in TEFL 2 (Literature Review& Proposal)
Discourse, Culture and Communication in Language Teaching
Cross Cultural Literacy in a Foreign Language (Second Foreign Language)
TEFL Curriculum Design and Materials Evaluation
Survey of Research in Multilingual Education
Preparation and Evaluation of TEFL Materials

Semester 3

Master’s Research Practicum (Data Collection & Analysis)
Graduate Seminars: Data Analysis in Educational Research
Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
Trending Approaches in TEFL: CLIL and PBL
Training for Additional Qualified Certification: CELTA
Educational Administration and Entrepreneurship
Mentorship in EFL Teacher Training Practicum
Professional Development of Academicians in TEFL

Semester 4

Master’s Research in TEFL 3 (Data Analysis & Research Reports)
Master’s Research in TEFL 4 (Presentation & Dissemination)
Formal Design and Defense of Master’s Thesis


The program provides a strong academic foundation for a PhD in TESOL.
As an essential qualification for those who wish to teach English at university level, the program empowers you with professionalism and competitiveness.
Enhances your career prospects in ELT by enabling you to obtain more senior or specialized positions such as a senior teacher, teacher trainer, consultant, materials developer or program coordinator.
You can undertake new areas of professional activities, work in culturally diverse educational settings, which demand the intercultural knowledge and competence of English as a global language.




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