Education & Humanities




Bachelor of Linguistics

Program length

4 years




Kazakh language 

Program description

The professional activity of graduates of the specialty “Philology” consists in conducting scientific research in all spheres of Kazakh philology, performing managerial work in the field of language and literature in the field of secondary, vocational secondary education, management, and organization, as well as in education, culture, and professional activities requiring philological knowledge in the field of mass media and social and humanitarian activities. The bachelor of philology will have knowledge of the scientific and terminological foundations of linguistics and literary criticism, the laws governing the functioning and development of linguistic and literary processes, the directions of theoretical linguistics and literary criticism.

Learning outcomes

  • ability to demonstrate that they have mastered the scientific and methodological base of philology; can make a linguistic analysis of trends and directions of linguo philosophical concepts in general linguistics;
  • studying methodological principles and categories of literary criticism and can demonstrate the ability to carry out the necessary literary analysis;
  • studying the methodology of scientific and theoretical research in the field of philology, can apply a system of relevant methods in accordance with the linguistic and literary form of education;
  • processing written texts and edit publications in artistic and scientific texts; learns to perform the stylistic processing necessary for the translation of texts;
  • awareness of phono-morpho-semantic system of English, Russian and English languages, should be able to do linguistic analysis from a comparative aspect.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Modern History of Kazakhstan
Major Foreign Language: English 1 (B1)
Listening and Speaking
Extensive Reading
General Turkish-1 (A1)
General Turkish-2 (A1)

Semester 2

Information and Communication Technologies
Major Foreign Language: English 2 (B1)
Social Studies
Pedagogy / Extensive Reading-2
Expository Writing
Professional Turkish-3 (A2)
Professional Turkish-4 (A2)

Semester 3

Kazakh/Russian 1 (Elective)
Academic Writing
Major Foreign Language in Intercultural Communication Contexts-1
Second Foreign Language 1 (Elective)
Methods of Foreign Language Education
Introduction to Linguistics
Physical Education-1
Practicum (Orientation)

Semester 4

Kazakh/Russian 2 (Elective)
Political Science
Major Foreign Language in Intercultural Communication Contexts-2
Survey of Applied Linguistics
Second Foreign Language 2 (Elective)
Educational Psychology
Physical Education-2

Semester 5

English for Academic Purposes (C2)
Critical Thinking Strategies
An Orientation into the Profession of TESOL
Contemporary Trends in TESOL
Second Foreign Language 3 (Elective)
Public Speaking
Pedagogical Practicum

Semester 6

Using Drama in Teaching English
Teaching English to Young Learners
Professional Development in TESOL
Teaching Intercultural Communication in English
Introduction to Research in Applied Linguistics
Second Foreign Language 4

Semester 7

Business English and Entrepreneurship / Basic Translation
Assessment in Language Teaching
Practice of English Language Teaching: Peer Teaching
Second Foreign Language 5 (Elective)
Instructional Technology and Material Development
Physical Education-3
Physical Education-4

Semester 8

Teaching Practicum
Research Practicum 
Second Foreign Language 6 (Elective)
Micro-teaching in Foreign Language (Second)
Diploma Project


Our graduates do administrative and management work in the sphere of education, research in philology sciences; provide service-wise documents in the sphere of education; can do translation services; can execute culture works in the field of welfare or have job in publishing. 


Arman Argynbayev



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