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Chemistry & Biology


Chemistry & Biology


Bachelor of Education 

Program length

4 years




English Language, General Chemistry, General Biology

Program description

Program provides a broad foundation in chemistry and biology that highlights critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and analytical problem solving with a molecular perspective. It also provides to educate qualified teachers who are aware of contemporary assessment and evaluation approaches, enable to design learning environments by means of instructional technologies and use various special teaching methods and techniques in their teaching, keep up with new developments and innovations in their field. 
Students acquire the professional skills including subject matter teaching techniques and experimental techniques required to succeed in graduate school or in the profession of a secondary school teacher.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrating an understanding of major concepts in all major disciplines of Chemistry and Biology
  • Acquiring teaching approaches, strategies, methods, techniques and prepare teaching materials.
  • Employing critical thinking and the scientific method to design, carry out, record and analyze the results of experiments or practical works.
  • Effective communication and collaboration with colleagues with using language and information technology.
  • Examination and reflection on the relationship between language and its social context. 
  • Establishing relationship among science, technology, industry, society and environment. 

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Kazakh (Russian) language
Foreign language
Introduction to Chemistry & Terminology
Introduction to Biology & Terminology
Turkish language
Physical education

Semester 2

Modern history of Kazakhstan
Kazakh (Russian) language
English for special purposes
General Chemistry
Turkish language
Physical education

Semester 3

Ecology and sustainable development
Life Security Precautions
Information and communication technology
Inorganic chemistry and chemical industry 
Cytology and Histology
Professional Turkish
Physical education

Semester 4

Political science
Culture study
Organic chemistry
Animal and Plant physiology
Professional Turkish
Physical education
Professional practice

Semester 5

Anatomy and Human Physiology
Environmental Chemistry
Molecular Biology
Physics and Colloid Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry (quantitative analysis)

Semester 6

Analytical Physics Chemistry and Chemical Industry 
Special Purpose English 2 (CLIL)
Bioorganic chemistry- Biochemistry
Microbiology and virology
Professional practice

Semester 7

Education Management 
Methods of teaching biology 
Solving Olympiad Problems in Chemistry 
Multimedia technology in education Criteria based assessment technology Methods of teaching chemistry

Semester 8

Research methods 
Teaching practice 
Practice for Undergraduate Thesis Comprehensive exam 
Thesis (Diploma) defense 


The majority of our graduates can teach in distinguished private and state educational institutions. Some of them can work in areas such as chemical and biological technology and laboratories in the business world. Our graduates can continue their graduate studies in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy and natural sciences` education in prestigious higher education institutions in Kazakhstan and abroad.


Bota Zhumakayeva



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