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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Bachelor of Business & Management

Program length

4 years



Program description

The aim of the program is to prepare marketing professionals to address the emerging business opportunities and challenges of local and global markets. Students will gain contemporary marketing knowledge and skills which will help to build credibility in their professional marketing role. During the program students will develop creative, critical and reflective thinking by analyzing and solving marketing problems through key analytical frameworks and main tools used; enhance the range of communication skills to maintain effective internal and external relationships; understand the ethical and legal concerns of marketers and integrate up-to-date technology to business processes.

Learning outcomes

• Mastering creative, critical and reflective thinking to face business opportunities and challenges.

• Recognizing the key analytical frameworks and main tools effectively used in marketing.

• Demonstrating multiple communication skills comprising of oral, written, audio/visual and digital for student’s future marketer role.

• Criticizing and assess the legal and ethical side of marketer’s actions in business decisions.

• Integrating digital tools in supporting marketing processes within an organization and beyond its borders.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Principles of Marketing

Semester 2

Cases in Marketing
Traditional and Digital Marketing communications
Consumer Behavior
Social Media Marketing

Semester 3

Personal Selling
Digital Advertising Strategy
Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Semesters 4-6

Designing user Experience and Webanalytics
Sales Management
Service Marketing
Target Audience Analysis

Semesters 7-8



Nowadays marketing exists almost everywhere and,
therefore, opportunities are available across all
industry sectors. The career opportunities can range
from the trade marketing, FMCG (Fast moving
consumer goods) sector, advertising agencies,
retailing, service marketing and digital marketing
industries to not-profit organizations, such as
charities, local government and higher education

Program Coordinator

MSc. Guldana Rustemkyzy



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