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The program is focused on forming deep understanding of main concepts of the global business and its recent trends. Students will develop their cross-cultural skills and global entrepreneurial instincts. Graduates from this Master Program will be highly interesting for employers worldwide, but also well prepared to start up new venture activities. The students will be familiarized with the context and practices at large international companies as well as SMEs.


Master of Economic Sciences

Program length

2 years
1 years


122 Scientific and Pedagogical Masters Program

64 Profile Masters Program

Program description

Training in the educational Management master program allows to train experts of a new formation who have broad fundamental knowledge; initiative, adaptive to the changing market requirements of work and the modern technologies able to work as individually, and in team. The students will be familiarized with the context and practices at large international companies as well as SMEs.

Learning outcomes

• Being able to compile, analyze and interpret the socio-economic, financial, investment, legal and other information, formulate arguments and solve problems in the field;

• Knowing how to use and integrate the acquired knowledge for solving research problems and analytical work in new unfamiliar conditions and atypical situations;

• Being able to broaden and deepen the knowledge necessary to professional and continuing education;

• Having the skills of professional communication, intercultural communication, public speaking;

• Being able to self-improvement and professional growth of the individual with diverse humanitarian and natural science knowledge and interests

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Strategic Management

Semester 2

Leadership and Teamwork
Risk Management
Research management

Semester 3

Organizational behavior
Human resource management
Corporate financial management


Business structures, manufacturing, organizations
and companies of various forms of ownership,
government bodies, financial institutions, design and
research institutes, research and production, and
educational institutions, corporations, international
organizations, national companies, economic
institutions, economic and financial-analytical
services of enterprises and organizations of various
legal forms

Program Coordinator

MSc. Dinara Sarsenova



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