Rector’s congratulations on Knowledge day

Rector’s congratulations on Knowledge day

I sincerely congratulate all Suleyman Demirel University students on September 1st – Knowledge Day!

We understand that in this transition period it is so important to continue our path of searching for high-quality education. However, the crisis does not eliminate the need to plan for the future. The main task that everyone faces today is to get a decent education in their chosen specialty and become a professional in their field.

Due to the epidemic situation in the country, we must conduct the educational process in both  offline and online formats. Despite all the difficulties, you continue to move towards your goal in a clear direction that leads you to the best future.

Today it is so important to comply with all sanitary standards that have already become an integral part of everyday life, as well as to make your choice regarding vaccination. The health and well-being of every student is important to us.

Once again, I congratulate you on the start of the new academic year and wish you great success!

Best regards, 

SDU Rector 

Davronzhon Gaipov



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