SDU “Summer school – 2021”

SDU “Summer school – 2021”

This year our university turns 25 years old. Over these 25 years, the university has graduated 7,500 highly qualified specialists, who have made a huge contribution to the development of the country to this day. Since quality education is the top priority of the SDU, we consider it important to share our experience and knowledge, and the “Summer School” is another proof that we are successfully practicing this.

In August 2021, a 72-hour “Summer school” was organized in honor of the 25th anniversary of our university.

The “Summer school” was held online and the participants were awarded certificates.

The theme of the first 30 hour part of the webinar was “Lessons learned from COVID-19”, which turns out to be very useful and relevant nowadays. “The New Normal” is the title of the second part, which lasted for 42 hours.

The main goal of this school is to extend the knowledge of higher education teachers before the start of the new academic year in terms of educational management and development of social skills in the context of the transition to traditional classes on campus, as well as to focus on pedagogy and psychology in the educational process in the context of the changes introduced COVID-19.

The speakers were doctors and professors with scientific and pedagogical experience in Europe and South Asia; faculty of Nazarbayev University, SDU, and Astana IT, as well as specialists in the field of psychology.

Lessons during the “Summer school” were conducted in three languages: English, Russian and Kazakh.

To summarize the results of the Summer School, a survey was conducted among the participants. 90 percent of our participants are looking forward to such programs, which in turn inspires us to develop further.



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