The submission of documents for State scholarship started

The submission of documents for State scholarship started

On July 16, 2021, Suleyman Demirel University admissions started accepting documents for State scholarships. Applicants for state educational grants can apply online from July 16 to 25 via the government portal or offline at our university.

State scholarship is a financial coverage, given by state for education. These scholarships are allotted only by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, universities serve a role of collecting and sending your documents to the Ministry to participate in scholarship allocation process.


Mathematics – Physics

6B06101 Information systems
6B06102 Computer Science
6B06103 Mathematical & Computer Modelling
6B05401 Мathematics (scientific)
6B01503 Physics – Informatics
6B01501 Mathematics (pedagogy)

Chemistry – Biology

6B01502 Chemistry – Biology

Kazakh language – Kazakh literature

6B01701 Kazakh language & literature
6В02304 Applied philology

Human. Society. Law – World History

6B04201 Applied law (Law)
6B04202 International law

Мathematics – Geography

6B04104 Finance
6B04103 Accounting & Audit
6B04101 Economics
6B04105 Digital marketing
6B04102 Management

English – World History

6B01702 Two foreign languages
6B02302 Translation studies
6B03101 International relations

Creative exam

6B03201 Journalism (TV and Multimedia)


  • Copy of National ID;
  • Medical form №075 with Xray results;
  • IELTS / TOEFL / SDU CEC certificate if you have one or English proficiency exam result (written at SDU);
  • Applicant’s 3×4cm sized, 6 photos;
  • School certificate or diploma with transcript;
  • UNT certificate (electronic copy);
  • State scholarship certificate (if you have one);
  • Special examination results (for pedagogical programs applicants);
  • Results of interview with faculty representative (for college graduates);
  • Questions for Creative exam are here;


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