SDU chose its diploma of own sample

SDU chose its diploma of own sample

According to the results of voting among students and teachers, we together chose a diploma of our own sample for SDU!

Approximately 70% of students and teachers chose option 2!

Thank you all for your active participation, and we also want to thank the designer-Maria Li for her contribution and creative work. Maria graduated from the Architecture School of Bartlett, University College London and teaches animation, 3D modeling and graphic design in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of SDU.

“When I was invited to participate in this project, I was very happy to contribute to the development of such an important document for all of us, because a diploma is not only a confirmation of graduation, but also a symbol that unites all graduates and reminds them of the wonderful time spent together.

A large number of options were worked out, but the working group settled on minimalism, following the example of foreign universities. However, I still wanted the diploma to reflect belonging to Kazakhstan, hence the patterns that repeat the flag of our country»

Starting this year, graduates of the SDU will receive a diploma of their own sample.


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