Mass vaccination campaign start at SDU

Mass vaccination campaign start at SDU

 Today, as part of the mass vaccination of the population against Covid-19, the administration, staff and teaching staff are being vaccinated at the Suleyman Demirel University medical center. The event is held in partnership with the educational institution and the State Enterprise on the PHV “Karasai Multidisciplinary Interdistrict Hospital”. The rector of the SDU Kuanysh Yergaliev, who was the first to receive the Sputnik-V vaccine, met the mobile Medical team.

– As the head of a large educational institution, a doctor and an expert in the field of public health, I consider it my duty to be vaccinated by example. I note that people who do not have contraindications to preventive vaccination are allowed to be vaccinated, and this is a voluntary event. I am sure that in only vaccination of the country’s citizens and the formation of collective immunity will allow us to defeat Covid-19. Having a strong immune system, we will be able to overcome the disease and return to our usual life, said head of University.

Before vaccination, doctors conduct a mandatory survey and examination of each employee, measure the vaccinating person’s temperature, saturation, pulse, blood pressure, and conduct a set of checks of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In addition, doctors advise about possible short-term side effects and the reaction of the drug to the body.



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