SDU has passed IAAR accreditation

SDU has passed IAAR accreditation

        The Independent Agency of Accreditation and Rating confirmed the accreditation of Suleyman Demirel University. The accreditation guarantees the University compliance with the established Internationally recognised standards. On the national level, the accredited status allows the University to increase its competitiveness in the national market, receive state fundings, attract talented students, educated professionals, improve the internal quality assurance system, manage the educational process through the effective management of educational programmes.
      On the international level, the University receives a recognized status globally, expands its academic scope, increases its partnership with foreigh higher education institutions.
       The  External Expert Panel and the Accreditation Council has finalized their decision on December 25, 2020 after the official online visit to the University and evaluation of a Self-assessment report prepared by SDU Community. The University was granted a five-year accreditation status.





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