SDU teachers are recognized as the best in distance learning

SDU teachers are recognized as the best in distance learning

        The Association of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded teachers of the Suleуman Demirel University for their success in organizing and providing methodological support for the educational process in the context of distance learning.
There are: senior lecturer at the faculty of “Engineering and natural Sciences” – Nail Ussembaev. Nail conducts video lectures in English on the subjects “Physics”, “Probability Theory and mathematical statistics”, “Differential equations and their applications”, and also trains the teaching staff on the use Of WebEx and Moodle formats. Xenia Kryakvina, senior lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences, is engaged in online practice of teaching modern history of international relations. Senior lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy and natural Sciences, master of natural Sciences – Alibek Orynbasar prepares students for Number theory and solving Olympiads. As well as a teacher of the Department of Economics and business, Master in Data science Taskin Rahim – teaches students of the school of business programming for Economics.
     The staff of the Suleyman Demirel University congratulates the winners of the awards on their professional success and wishes them creative inspiration, fulfillment of all their plans and achievement of new heights!


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