SDU started accepting documents for master’s programs

SDU started accepting documents for master’s programs

Starting from August 27, 2020, applications for the competition for awarding educational grants for master’s programs were accepted. Based on the results of the scores obtained during the comprehensive testing, applicants can participate in the grant competition or apply for paid training. Threshold points:

 Enrollment for paid training – 50 points

English – 25

Other disciplines-7

Participation in the grant competition – 75 points


Other disciplines-7

Everyone can submit documents to the SDU admissions office in the offline format (in Camus) or online via the virtual admissions office.

 When submitting documents via virtual reception, the original documents must be sent via courier service by September 10.


  1. Bachelor’s diploma original;
    2. 3×4 cm sized 6 photos
    3. Medical card №086 and X-ray result (not required during lockdown);
    4. Copy of National ID;
    5. Copy of test certificate according to chosen program (if you have one);
    6. Payment invoice for exam participation.
    To apply for state scholarship (grant):
    1. CT (Complex testing certificate (not less than 75 points);
    2. 3х4 sized 4 photos.

Applicants to the master’s program must specify the group of educational programs in their application.

 All detailed information about the rules for admission to master’s programs is provided at the following link:


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