SDU cares about everyone

SDU cares about everyone

          Pandemic COVID-19 and strict quarantine threw down completely unpredictable and new turbulent challenges to the world society. Many employees face certain obstacles in combining household matters and fulfilment of their liabilities to the employers – they have to do both: take care of their children and perform their job obligations in conditions of a new reality, they have to step aside from their usual way of life.     Work away from the office, distance education and teaching eventually becomes an everyday routine. According to psychology, in a context of self-isolation, pandemic causes some psychological issues in the society, such as ambiguity, concern about nearest future, stress and outrage, panic attacks leading to so called “coronaphobia”.

On one hand, teachers face difficulties, as they have to organize work process for learners, find individual approaches and choose style of pedagogic communication, increase and maintain learning incentives, create productive social and psychological climate for every student. On the other hand, for students this situation builds new and unique experience of overcoming certain difficulties concerning the study of new materials in conditions of interactive learning environment.

Considering all these difficulties, administration of SDU provides teachers and students with both academic and full psychological support. In order to improve social and psychological climate, the University creates atmosphere of trust and mutual support for students and teachers, forms motivation of active involvement for students during learning processes, provides recommendations about psychological support for distant education participants. More than that administration of the University provided families of socially vulnerable employees, having children on distance education, with computers. Psychologists of the University Almagul Karimberdiyeva (mobile: 8 707 906 11 62) and Gulnur Yeszhanova (mobile: 8 707 733 85 46) are ready to provide any professional psychological support.

Along with that, Department of Social Development of SDU is developing a row of webinars for employees, providing useful recommendations and advice concerning arrangement of distant work and time management: time planning and setting the priorities, motivation for work and stress management during quarantine. Department of Personnel Affairs have prepared a compilation of useful resources about family psychology and mediation of parent-and-child relationships. Namely, there is some advice from a family therapist and coach Yerzhan Myrzabayev. Family therapist and the head of psychological center “Empathy Academy” Yelzhas Yertaiuly. Useful materials from Psychological center WISEFULL can be found on the following link:, (WhatsApp +996 553 750 303). In addition, there are recommendations presented by International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP) Watching movies is one of the options to spend free time at home:

– Let’s show flexibility, support and understanding to our colleagues and to our students. All we can do now is to hope for better, be patient and decisive in order to go on working, learning and living our lives, – appeals Rector of SDU Kuanysh Yergaliev.


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