SDU provides practical recommendations on distance education

SDU provides practical recommendations on distance education

           For the last two years, Suleiman Demirel University has been extensively exploiting Webex platform for distance education of postgraduate students. Due to the state of emergency and announcement of quarantine in Kazakhstan, within two last weeks SDU has completely shifted to distance format of education and now successfully exploits Webex platform to educate undergraduate students as well.   Since September 2019, the University has been using Moodle platform for optimization of academic disciplines. According to SDU experts, earlier within a semester 150-200 pages of paper works were used, and nowadays Moodle platform provides a real-time exchange of learning materials between students and teachers. As a result, The University is ready to deliver some practical recommendations for local universities concerning transfer to distance education.
When the urge of transition to distance learning occurred in our country, we provided an internal training for the entire teaching staff on work with Moodle platform and shared some specific recommendations regarding each discipline. Also, the largest worldwide platform for online education Coursera has granted free access to universities of countries, suffering from coronavirus. For free access it is necessary to visit Coursera web-site and fill in a special form: information about university, number of users and teachers, etc. Within 1-2 days platform gives its response and grants a free access. For instance, our university was granted the opportunity to provide free access to nearly 3600 disciplines, fluently used today by students and teachers. More than that, it is possible to get courses as a discipline or a program, and to view statistics on academic performance of students, – says SDU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Davronjon Gaipov.
        Currently SDU teachers are 100 per cent able to use Moodle platform and selectively conduct synchronized classes at Webex in order to stay in touch with their students. If there is a large number of students, for example, more than 100 listeners in a group, the lecture may be shared in Moodle, and students will be able to write down and exchange their opinions. If there are any questions, students can refer individually.
        There are two ways to monitor attendance of SDU students. The first one is to make attendance records through the portal. Alternatively, Dean’s offices may conduct classes on every day or weekly basis. Attendance for students from remote regions with low Internet connection are monitored separately.  In order to fully equip teachers with necessary equipment and Internet access, university’s administration have purchased additional equipment: headphones, web-cameras, tablets, and distributed them to SDU teachers. Along with that some teachers provide video lessons in the university’s studio.
         Class schedules remain the same. Depending on a scale of homework, program coordinators work on each program separately. Enormous responsibility for online learning lies with a student. That is why, teachers pay great attention to the students’ involvement and responsibility. Teacher is fully responsible for all necessary materials, article, and software.
        For additional information and videos about every used platform, all interested universities may visit special website page of SDU, following the link: /. Concerning technical issues, you may address your questions to SDU’s Call center +77273079565, or send a feedback/request to e-mail:


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