Shyngys Mukan shared his leadership secrets with SDU students

Shyngys Mukan shared his leadership secrets with SDU students

       As a part of rector lectures, Kazakhstani public figure, ex-deputy akim of Atyrau region, “Bolashak” scholar, an author of books on popularization of the Kazakh language and current Chairman of NGO “Mazmundama” Shyngys Mukan met with students and teachers of SDU.
     The speaker presented his books, shared his story of success and revealed some secrets of leadership. The author also told his audience the main purpose of “Mazmundama” project, which is to enrich the content of Kazakh literature in order to make millions of copies of substantial literature available to Kazakh-speaking readers all over the world.
     Shyngys Mukan intends to introduce to readers the main thoughts and valuable ideas from Top-10 books, written by famous foreign authors and experts. Reading of only one books gives a reader an insight to all of them. More than that, the Kazakh writer believes that it allows readers to cover more books by spending less time, money and efforts.
      During this interactive meeting students and teachers of SDU had an opportunity to ask their guest different interesting questions. The speaker admitted that it was especially pleasant for him to work with such a young audience and gave them some useful advice concerning the process of career building.


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