SDU undertaken special measures to prevent coronavirus has

SDU undertaken special measures to prevent coronavirus has

        In order to raise preparedness for the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, the Ministry of Health of RoK implements a complex of protective measures. According to the latest data, coronavirus has been registered in more than 108 countries. From the very beginning, Kazakhstan has been considered to be at greatest risk for virus spreading due to the territorial positioning and close economic relations with China and Iran.
       The biggest outbreaks have occurred in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran. WHO specialists have come to these countries to work on the problem with local epidemiologists. As at 11th March 2020 there are no registered coronavirus cases in Kazakhstan. However, the government is expanding protective measures to avoid the spread of infection in the country.
        Considering all above-mentioned facts, accordingly regulations of MES RoK administration of Suleyman Demirel University is undertaking specific protective measures, namely:
     – suspension of travelling by the academic mobility and other international programs for students and teachers to all foreign countries, and also temporary suspension of admission of foreign teachers and managers;

  – cancelation of all mass events, involving foreign students, teachers and employees;

– cancelation of all work related and academic trips for students and teachers to the countries near and far;

– restrictions imposed on public events, involving foreigners; implementation of such events will be reviewed individually by the University’s management;

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the world, the Ministry of Education and Science of RoK is considering shift to the distance education. The University management is currently reviewing this matter.

To inform and clarify preventive rules, University’s management pays great attention to the situation in the country and the world, and regularly delivers current information to keep everyone updated. Health and safety of students, teachers and employees are the highest priorities of SDU. Thus, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we recommend to undertake the following protective measures:

– avoid trips and travelling to foreign countries,

– wash your hands and face with soap thoroughly and more often;

– use alcohol hand sanitizers; sanitizers with antiseptic are installed throughout SDU campus;

– avoid crowded places;

– avoid handshaking,

– avoid contacts with sick people;

– get a flu shot, if it is not done yet. Seasonal flu will remain active for several weeks. SARS complications may increase perceptiveness to COVID-19;

– in case of having symptoms of common colds (increase of body temperature, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat) visit a doctor at your place of residence;
All necessary and updated information you may find on websites of of MES RoK and the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
If you have any questions, you may contact a call-center of the Health Ministry of RoK on 1406 or 8-7172 76 80 43.






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