Takhaui Khamzabek

Takhaui Khamzabek

I have never thought about how is critical the role of the academy in people’s life. Even I have never thought about the contribution of social sciences to my life. Only after graduation, I started to realize how difficult the world is constructed. The central question of my research and life which I striving to understand:  Why it is difficult to sustain success for people and companies?! What causes what and why?! Also, that has been a critical question where plenty of professors try to find the answer for many decades. Inspired by Harvard alumni and professors, such as Clayton Christensen, Michael Porter, Stephen R. Covey I found that the academy field plays an essential role in people’s lives and development. After graduation, I decided to pursue the way of these brilliant people where their purpose was not to make one company great, rather they focused on contribution to the understanding of reality and how it is constructed.  I am always thinking about how people measure their lives as well as how I measure my life. After reading plenty of numbers of articles and books in the Management field, I found out that there is no certain formula for success and effectiveness, but certain principles and realities that cause effectiveness. What is more, science is the most powerful thing which has a huge contribution to it, so that why I choose this way, and that is my strategy for life.  In Germany, from where I recently studied, I thought a lot about what is the difference of values and what the nations trying to achieve and what is the essence of existence and mission. And what I concluded, there is a great potential in Kazakh people and institutions in terms of knowledge acquiring and sharing, and I realized that we started to chase developed countries.  In a way of achieving the goal, I think the trust of people and their support would be the most valuable thing they can offer!


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