SDU became an exclusive partner of Expo Dubai 2020 International Student Program

SDU became an exclusive partner of Expo Dubai 2020 International Student Program

SDU delegates lead by the University President Meirbek Mazhitov paid an official visit to Dubai. During their trip they held a meeting with administration of International Expo Dubai 2020, where they concluded an agreement on mutual cooperation within the International Student Program.
– We made an official agreement, according to which SDU is the first international Partner-University for arrangement of Expo Dubai educational tours. The program of seven curated educational tours, aligned with key disciplines offered at some of the world’s leading universities, will enable students to enjoy integrated and immersive learning experiences. Organizers will engage  international students under the International Student Program during the whole period of Expo. During short-term educational tours, students will gain an opportunity to get a new experience, dive into applied scientific aspects,  will take intensive trainings and master-classes from leading experts of Industry. This approach will increase foreign students’ interest in further career setting in Dubai, – summed up SDU President Meirbek Mazhitov.
International Expo Dubai 2020 will bring together millions of people for celebration of human brilliance and achievement under the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.
Between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021, Expo 2020 is set to welcome 25 million visits, with approximately 70 per cent of visitors anticipated to come from outside the UAE, the largest proportion of international visitors in the 168-year history of World Expos. Expo 2020’s subthemes will be Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Visitors will have access to the latest innovations and breakthroughs, with more than 200 participants – including 192 nations, multilateral organizations, business and educational institutions – coming together to highlight real-life solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

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