SDU cancelled academic mobility trips to the countries of South-East Asia

SDU cancelled academic mobility trips to the countries of South-East Asia

          According to the assignment from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 28 January 2020, and due to epidemiological situation of coronavirus spreading throughout the world, SDU Management made the decision to cancel visits to the countries of South-East Asia within the Program of Academic Mobility.
         University will also consider options of postponing trips under Academic Mobility Program to the next semester, in case if there is no evidence of coronavirus at that time (it does not refer to 4-year students at that point). Along with that, University Management intends to inquire refund for airplane tickets from air companies.
It should be stated that a new coronavirus was declared a global emergency by World Health Organization (WHO) at the emergency meeting.                   According to the last WHO data and data from China’s National Health Commission and official Departments of other countries, overall amount of infected has exceeded 16.6 thousand people all over the world. The virus caused deaths of over 300 people. Although the numbers may be significantly higher, as statistics can be understated.
Coronavirus has spread by now to the following countries: China, Malaysia, South Korea, France, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, the republic of Philippines and Sri-Lanka, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Germany, Australia, Canada, Finland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UAE, Great Britain and USA. There are no records of coronavirus infection cases in Kazakhstan.


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  • Copy of National ID;
  • Copy of payment invoice.

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