Students House

Students House of Suleyman Demirel University offers not only room and board on the Smart Campus territory during the study time, but also the opportunity to develop and strengthen their social position. Hostel Administration together with the students organize educational conversations to increase their personal qualities. Relationship between the management and students are based on mutual understanding, friendship and harmony. Our top priority is a student. Our responsibility is to create optimal conditions for comfortable stay of our students, the proper daily nutrition, constant psychological support, as well as the promotion of sports and outdoor activities.

Students from every corner of Kazakhstan, near-abroad and far-abroad countries live in the Student House of SDU. This assists development of patriotism, as well as improvement of cultural awareness through communication with representatives of other countries enhancing friendly relations with other nations.

Our mission is the creation of friendly, understanding each other, living in the unity young people who willing to obtain knowledge. This factor plays the main role in the formation of people who will promote Kazakhstan at the international level in all sectors.

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Why student house?

The Student House is located on the territory of Smart Campus of SDU in the immediate vicinity to the university building (10 meters). Students are provided with hot set meals and a delicious menu once a day.

There is a football field with artificial turf, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as built tennis courts for tennis for students and guests next to the University Students house.

Moreover, there is a VIP hotel with all the amenities in the block "A" for important guests and parents.

The new building of the Student House

Student House is designed for 1,000 people in 4 blocks – two for boys and two for girls. Each block has 4 floors, 20 rooms on each floor. Each room is designed for 3 people, with 3 beds, 3 wardrobes, and 3 desks for study. On each floor the following function for comfortable stay of students:


• Lounge with TV

• Study room

• Shower

• The dining room and buffets

• Free Wi-Fi

• Chess tables

• Ironing rooms

Each student room of the house has:

• 3 beds (Bedding provided and changed every two weeks)

• 2 desks

• 3 ware cabinet

• Bookshelves

Each block for convenience has:

• Clinic

• Laundry

• Reception for new residents

• POS terminals

• Cinema

Dry cleaning around the Student House is made every day. All technical problems are eliminated by the workers of the hostel upon appearance.


+7 775 711 74 30 (boy's)

+7 775 529 27 26 (girl's)


Suleyman Demirel University

Kaskelen, Abylai khan street, 1/1

РНН 600200077133 БИН 960240000550

Tel: +7 727 307 95 65, fax: +7 727307 95 58

БИК KZKOKZKX     Кбе 18      КНП 870

Р/с KZ879261802128707004

AФ АО "Казкоммерцбанк"

Required documents:

3 рhotos 3*4

Copy of medical certificate

Copy of identification card

Сopy of payment receipt