Students Clubs

"Orlean" is one of the first university club. All-women club is exceptionally talented and versatile. The club takes the girls with anydancing style: modern and traditional, here you have an opportunity to set your energy free. The club consists of friendly and, at the same time, talented girls, who will easily teach you dance even you dance like a wood. The club is very active throughout the year: performances at events, organization of flash-mobs, welcoming guests of the University and other major holidays. This club has a unique team spirit and has various costumes.




Untitled.jpg  SDU Faces, a young but ambitious club enumerates tireless and talented people. The club participates in all major events as the official media, but also functions independently in everyday life. The main purpose of the club is to capture unique moments of student life and present them by means of bright photos, and also to teach photographyto the new members of the club. Our activity can be followed on the official group




Hi0BXUSaDLM.jpg Charity club Shapagat – is one of the oldest and most honored student clubs of SuleymanDemirelUniversity founded in 2001. The mission of the club is to help everyone in need. In particular, the charity club supports orphanages, boarding schools, homes for the elderly people and low-income families. During this time the club gave the children much good and the average person can only envy the number of good deeds done. It is about this unselfish goodness, mercy, patience and understanding. the club's doors are always open for active students who are ready to help. Welcome to "Shapagat"!

Head: Parvin Alizade




Untitled.jpg Sport Club – is a student organization maintaining and propagating healthy lifestyle among students, has a deep history and an excellent reputation. Since the foundation of our university there were only two organizations started by enthusiastic students: «Shapagat» and «Sport Club». Since that time, honoring the memory of the work of our predecessors, «Sport Club» tirelessly working to bring the sport into the university to a higher level, and once again prove to be indispensable in the life of the university.

Thedoors of the club are always open for energetic, creative and sporting spirit of students. Club members not only develop physically, but also enhance their organizational abilities. Sport Club organizes many different championships and tournaments, along with active participation in charity events. The most successful and well-known event is considered "SFL" (Student Football League) – SDU Cup. Also, in addition to the football tournament, the students organize championships in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, arm wrestling and street workout.

In 2013, "SFL" received the award as the best project of the year.

"Cheer the sports" – the motto of the club.

Head: Beksultan Amirbek


r46H8T4jTPI.jpg Unity Dance - is a young dance club of the university, which for its short period of existence, has already managed to make itself famous within our university and other universities too. The dancers of the club have delighted the university students with their bright and creative performances in all events. The aim of the club is to promote a variety of dance styles and dance improvisation. At the moment the club has 20 regular members. Trainings are held three times a week, several dance styles can be held in one day. The club engages not only the choreography, but also training of the newcomers. "If you do not know how to dance – learn with us. If you can – become a better dancer"- this is the motto of the club.



lqyyXa_VMsk.jpg Vision club is one of the largest, dedicated and versatile university clubs. The club has been growing and developing now for 13 years, expanding the boundaries for the tireless help to others. The club has its doors open to any girl who wants to do good. Currently the club has more than 100 members, but their number is constantly growing. Vision consists of 5 departments, such as:

• Shapagat–department dedicated to help to people in need;

• Cooking – allows you to learn how to cook delicious food;

• HandMade raises priceless handicraft lovers;

• Activity aims at making the life of the girls more interesting;

• Education will always help to catch up with your studies.

There is a large number of opportunities and thus, the club pursues the following objectives: help the people in need, unite the beautiful half of the university, teach young girls the necessary skills, personal development and spiritual growth.



wjtfjn_1syU.jpg Creative "Art Club" is one of the most creative clubs of the university. The club holds classes of interest, improves the interior of the university with various installations and contributes to the activity of other clubs in different activities. The main purpose of the club is to educate and develop creative abilities of SDU students. Also, the club membership gives students a unique opportunity to diversify not only their student life but also to leave their footprint in the history of our alma mater.

 The club is constantly growing, and at the moment it is divided into six departments:

1. Drawing

2. Anime and Manga

3. Knitting

4. Drawing with henna

5. Origami

6. Events organization

Head: Rachel Tulina



CelJlTofh40.jpg "Business club"–is a unique club of our university aiming at development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills of our students. Entrepreneurship - a risky business. "SANA BusinessClub "- is the launch pad for the students where they can try their skills and learn a lot in safe conditions. Here the theory can be put into practice and the students can see their potential, find their strength and get to know the real market.

Theclub organizes meetings with successful entrepreneurs of smalland medium-sized businesses to exchange experience and useful tips, as well as to learn first-hand from the market. The club also helps to implement ambitious projects of our students into reality.

Here anyone can learn to make money easy and fun.

Head: Ayakeshova Albota



zJXMDfNMErc.jpg  Debate – isan intellectual game, something more than just entertainment. Debate is focused on the development of critical thinking, literacy and political tolerance among young people. They help to be more erudite, thereby achieve self-confidence. This isthe main goal of «SDU Debate Club». All-round development of our students – is the guarantee of their future success and prosperity of the country.

The three leagues operate in the club: Kazakh, Russian and English. All meetings are held at different times, in three languages allowing the student to attend more games and develop languages. In addition to internal games, training and jobs, debaters participate in city competitions and have already achieved certain success.

The main purpose of the club is to develop public speaking, logic and reasoning. Become a member of the club, as well as learn how to defend gracefully one’s point of view regardless of his training. Currently the club has more than 60 participants.


YYnkCHQYEdk.jpg Diplomat club - isthe student organization of the SuleymanDemirel University aiming at expansion of students' knowledge in the field of global politics and international relations. In this club every student can broaden their knowledge in the field of politics and diplomacy. Everyone knows that political literacy is a key element to success in the modern world. The club holds an annual «Intellectual Political Game», which helps to improve political literacy of our students, as well as development of diplomatic relations between the universities. In addition, the club is engaged in the organization «Model of United Nations», and prepares our students to participate in the Model of United Nations outside the university.

Model of United Nations – is a simulation of UN working bodies, an international student movement, whose main objective is the development of talented students interested in diplomacy, international relations, political studies and law.

Here everyone has the opportunity to gain knowledge of not only political, but also invaluable experience in diplomacy, participating in a simulation of international organizations.

Studentsof any faculty can become members of the club, but the dominating number of participants are the students of the Faculty of Economics.


Untitled2.jpg Dombyra club was established in 2008 by Shyngys Kozaydar. A lot of effort and time has been invested to the club flourishing and appropriate quality. To do this, the club members rely on the knowledge of their team-mates, so there is a constant exchange of experience and knowledge. In the club you can learn to play the dombyra, and improve your existing skills. The club is actively involved in various activities, not only within SDU. The meeting of high-ranking guests from other countries who are often coming to SDU is accompanied bydombra players’ ensemble consisting of the students of our university. Kazakh national musical instruments are very diverse and specific. Our talented students are able to unite the Kazakh folk instruments together creating beautiful national music.At the moment the club has 40 students, but thanks to the connection of generations, university graduates are still actively involved in helping the club.


3-jK7sDyCvw.jpg Education Club–is a club of successful students who help all who wish to increase their knowledge in the areas of interest, both within the University and beyond. For 7 years of successful work the club regularly organizes extra classes, organizes activities and implements projects that benefit pupils and students in education.

Club projects.

1. "Extra Lessons" – additional lessons which aim to help students in difficultsubjects. The project has helped many students to get engaged, understand and pass university subjects successfully. Each lesson is conducted from two to five times a week.

2. "Jas tulek" – is a charity project to help children from orphanages and boarding schools prepare for successful delivery of unified national testing. This project is carried out by students, volunteers who provide quality knowledge in the basic subjects, increase self-esteem and motivate success.

3. "Olympus" – anannual Intercollegiate Olympiad in physics and mathematics, which involves students from technical universities of Almaty. Here one can prove that they are the best of the best, gain an unforgettable experience, and win prizes.

4. "Language school" – is the courses of foreign languages ​​with native speakers. Participants can learn: English, French, Turkish and Chinese. And also to get acquainted with the culture of the language they are learning.

Head: Danara Omarkhanova


Untitled.jpg IQ Club is a student organization dedicated to comprehensive education and development of students. The club organizes intellectual games for erudite people with a broad outlook. "What? Where? When?", Brain Ring,  "My Game", "Leader of the 21st Century", IQ Olympiads are the club profile. Club members play not only within SDU, but also play against teams from other universities, both national and foreign,also take part in the filming of a TV shows for intellectuals. The club is designed for curious people whose outlook and knowledge deserve admiration, but also for those who want to become high achievers. In addition, it is a game,  passion, the desire to win, to prove their worth, but it's all in the special, unique atmosphere of friendship and common interests.

Head: Daniyar Adilev


MLtO7lqQrHU.jpg IT-club– the most technical club SDU. The purpose of the club is development of the new technologies. Almost 80% of the club members are from the Engineering Faculty, all of them are talented and smart programmers, designers or developers. Despite this, the club has sections for all the faculties: for those who want to start learning programming, and for those already experienced program developers.

More experienced programmers make applications for IOS, Android and web-sites.

Head: Daniyar Komashev


Untitled.jpg Language Club was opened in 2013 in the second semester of the academic year a student of the third course, MeirbekovaAinur, who later became the first president of the club. In January 2014 OmarovaAidana was appointed the president.

«Language Club» is engaged in foreign languages learning. At the moment these languages are taught inthe club: English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. The lessons are taught by the students of Suleyman Demirel University.

Head: Kolganat Abzhamiev


2hC3leSjTBY.jpg MMDance was founded in 2010. The all-men club has been training contemporary and folk dances. The University Club is considered one of the most promising clubs. For years, our club continues to surprise their fans. Until that time the club was involved in many activities in and outside the university.