Cultural Activities

KERMES – an event held every semester. The university arranges Food Fair, with sales of delicious food and numerous entertainment and games, as well as providing the participants with energy boost and positive mood. The fair lasts all day, and the money is sent to charity. Nothing is better than doing good deeds, and tireless girls from Vision Club make this activity not only useful, but also pleasant affair.


SDU DANCE DAY– this is probably the best thing that can happen to a dancer in SDU. The arrival of famous and skilled dancers to the campus in Kaskelenwas arranged to share knowledge of dance history and dance culture.

The whole weekend is spent at the university on master classes in different dance styles from each guest. For those who cannot get the information outside of the university due to different reasons we offer an opportunity to gain useful information.

Make people smile – the event organized to raise the unnecessary, but a good condition of things that can still be of some use to other people. All collected items are sorted out and together with the money collected are sent to the families in need in Kaskelen town.

This promotion allows people to work together to help the people in need, without spending much money, because something you don’t need might be necessary for someone else.

"Good day" - Doing good deals is not difficult, all you need just a little courage. The members of"Shapagat" club exchange a good deed to a bar of chocolate. Everyone could receive an advance reward for a good deed they haven’t done yet. Each bar of chocolate have an envelope attached with a task in it to perform during the following week. The tasks are very diverse, ranging from the simple "treat a stranger with a chocolate" or "feed a homeless animal", to the more complex, such as "feed the homeless" and "make a bird feeder." On completion of the task a student have to write a report on the performance to "Shapagat" group for further publication and motivation to others.