Cultural Activities



Charity fair

Every year students, supporting the status of a friendly university, organize a fair where everyone can buy everything. Here you can find small bracelets for yourself and friends, eat food cooked with love or jump on a trampoline! Yes! Yes! At the university. Not every day you see this, right? But that's not all, every year, our creative students come up with something new. And the most important thing in this event is that all the money that students have earned goes to charity. Having bought some food, the student does a good deed.



Probably it is the most extraordinary event. Every year the jokes spoken on the stage become legendary.


SDU Аруы

Of course, every girl is beautiful. However, students decide to make a contest, where they choose the best of the best.


SDU Awards

Everyone wants to know who was the best in the past year, which club showed high results, which of the students was the most active. And SDU sums up the results. This event, according to many, is one of the most exciting.


Welcome Party

The first year is the most exciting in a student's life. Each year, the organizers present surprises, and the event itself is becoming bigger. Undoubtedly, every student remembers his Welcome Party, because he is unforgettable.


New Year for pupils of the orphanage

The students of the most Friends University really have big hearts. Despite the exams and New Year's efforts, they do not forget about the children of orphanages, because this is a holiday for all. Everyone who is involved in the organization of the New Year for children, gives all his strength and invests his soul so that the children forget about their problems and feel themselves in the home atmosphere of love and care.


SDU Nauryz

Faculties compete among themselves in national Kazakh games, but even competing in the air is a friendly atmosphere. Everyone sings, dances, they eat national food, graduates from all corners of the country come to SDU to celebrate this bright holiday together. Nauryz in SDU is a special holiday, where the boundaries between teachers and students are erased, and they together simply enjoy the activities around them.


Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony is very exciting for students. The presentation ceremony is always held at a high level, because this is the last event of the students, and the CDS always strives to ensure that they always have good memories of their student years. At the ceremony, jokes about "officially unemployed" are not relevant, because most people already have a job, because our students always show high results.