6М050600 Economics

Academic degree: Master degree

Mode: full-time / online

Duration of study: profile 1 years (2 semesters) / scientific-pedagogical / 2 year (4 semesters) 

Language of study: Kazakh / English


Program description 

Specialty 6M050600 "Economy" covers a wide range of activities. Economists analyze, predict, conduct research, manage now. In addition, masters of the economy have the right to engage in teaching activities. The main type of professional activity is the economic activities of a research and development, control and analytical, organizational and managerial.

Master educational program "Economy" provides training of highly qualified and competent professionals for top management of economic services companies. This is accomplished by introducing into the educational process the latest scientific achievements in the field of organization and management of the economy, as well as the organic combination of the best traditions of Kazakhstan's higher school to requirements dictated by modern processes of economic globalization.

The purpose of the educational program - the graduates give profound theoretical knowledge in corporate finance with the help of modern management methodologies to inculcate practical economic management skills in the modern corporation, provide the possibility of effective professional, research, analytical and professional activities in the field of economic management of the company. As part of the educational program is an active research work, the main direction of which - Studies economic management organization of the company and the development of proposals and recommendations for its improvement.


Career and job prospects

The educational program "6M050600 Economics" has applied nature, it allows undergraduates to purchase a set of professional knowledge, managerial skills professional activity in the sphere of economic management of the company. This category of specialists is most appreciated in large industrial corporations of the real sector of the economy, as in credit and dealer companies. Graduates can apply for management positions in industrial companies, accounting firms, commercial banks, organizations of various spheres of activity, higher education institutions, government agencies and all levels of management. The place of work may also be self-organized company.


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