6М010900 Mathematics

Academic degree: Master

Mode: full-time / online

Duration of study: 2 years (4 semesters)

Language of study: English


Description of the program

A Master’s degree in Mathematics (6M010900) of Engineering Faculty at Suleiman Demirel University is geared towards the goal of improving the quality of teaching Mathematics in high schools and universities. During their studies, students develop their analytical skills and their professional expertise. The program prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of Education.


Strengths of education in SDU

The main features of a master degree at SDU include:

  • highly qualified faculty;
  • a good choice of subject areas in Mathematics: Algebra, Mathematical Logic, Differential Equations, Functional Analysis;
  • the creation of inspiring research atmosphere (courses are taught by leading mathematicians of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Graduates learn the fundamental mathematical concepts and innovative methods of teaching Mathematics. There is an opportunity of taking numerous modules.


Career and job prospects

MSc in Mathematics presents an opportunity to be involved in scientific and pedagogical activities.



Coordinator: Viktor Verbovski                     

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