6D010900 Mathematics

Academic degree: PhD

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 3 years (6 semesters)

Language: English


Program description

PhD in Mathematics of Engineering Faculty at Suleyman Demirel University prepares researchers in various fields of Mathematics. PhD in Mathematics, which reflects the current state of mathematical sciences, is geared towards preparing specialists with a mastery of contemporary methods and ideas of pedagogical science.The degree requires a significant commitment of time and energy, but is very rewarding and stimulating intellectually. The degree gives an opportunity to work on an independent research project under the supervision of leading mathematicians. The program allows you make an original contribution to the methodology of teaching Mathematics and equips you with the training necessary for pursuing a successful career.


Strengths of education in SDU

The main features of the Doctoral program at SDU include:

  • highly qualified faculty
  • a good choice of subject areas in Mathematics: Algebra, Mathematical Logic, Differential Equations and Functional Analysis
  • the creation of inspiring research atmosphere (courses are taught by leading specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan).



  • Philosophy and Methodology of pedagogy
  • Methodological foundations of mathematical problem solving
  • Modern methodological problems of science and mathematics education
  • Methodology of research work
  • Pedagogical experiment


Career and job prospects

PhD in Mathematics opens new perspectives in scientific and pedagogical activities. The knowledge acquired can be used to improve the existing methodology of teaching Mathematics. There exists an opportunity of combining a teacher and a researcher roles at a certain university. There is no order of difficulty in developing a successful career path in the areas that require a substantial knowledge of Mathematics.


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